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xXx: State of the Union

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Even more absurd and implausible than the first XXX movie, State of the Union is less inspired and technically competent than its predecessor.



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A new renegade fighter rises to defend the United States from an internal threat in this action thriller. Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) of the National Security Agency has successfully dealt with a number of threats to America's safety, but he faces a whole new challenge when he discovers a potent terrorist cell that has ties to the upper levels of the American military. Gibbons learns that George Deckert (Willem Dafoe), the secretary of defense, has been training a secret military faction to stage a coup against the United States by kidnapping and assassinating the president of the United States (Peter Strauss). Convinced there's no one he can trust within his circle of operatives, Gibbons turns to Darius Stone (Ice Cube), currently serving time in a maximum security penitentiary. Stone once served with Gibbons in the Army, and also took part in a mutiny against Deckert; despite his reckless side, Gibbons is certain Stone's fearless nature and peerless fighting skills make him the one man who can take on Deckert and his troops. XXX: State of the Union is the sequel to the 2002 hit XXX, though neither star Vin Diesel nor his character, Xander Cage, appear in this picture. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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Ice Cube
as XXX/Darius Stone
Samuel L. Jackson
as Agent Augustus Gibbons
Willem Dafoe
as Gen. George Octavius Deckert
Scott Speedman
as Agent Kyle Steele
Peter Strauss
as President James Sanford
as Zeke
Michael Roof
as Toby Lee Shavers
Sunny Mabrey
as Charlie
Nona Gaye
as Lola Jackson
John G. Connolly
as Lt. Alabama `Bama' Cobb
Ramon De Ocampo
as Agent Meadows
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  • Jul 31, 2017
    Hollywood should know by now that if you dumb down a dumb film in the sequel you are heading for disappointment, There was lots of action and explosions but I found myself very bored and fading in and out of the film, The dialogue and acting was even worse this time round, The story was so predictable I had no love for it, I didn't mind too much that Ice Cube took the main role but he does nothing to make this a good movie, The first was goodish because it was dumb fun but this one is just dull and unimaginative.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Jun 30, 2013
    Horrendous filmmaking, mainly the director who commissioned what is a terrible sequel to an already poor original film. The director has shown a poor eye for directing action films, just remember that special effects debacle of an opening for Along came a spider or the surfing scene in Die another day. This film fails in poor storyline and supporting cast who are just relentless and one dimensional. I'm gearing up to see the next film but I'm struggling after this one-two punch knockout franchise, how talents like Dafoe, Jackson and Foley joined this film is probably the central question after Diesel hated the scripts. I fell asleep 20 mins in and suffered through the remaining action film. Cube was a better lead than Diesel but the film crafted around him was beyond dull. I now understand the delay with the new sequel, a time when sequels rarely succeeded the originals. The film deserved to flop and I'm annoyed that a film of this size has horrible special effects. 07-05-2017.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • May 20, 2011
    Hmmm...Who should be the next xXx, a secret agent devoting his life to loyalty and honor with more skills than a Navy SEAL, Spetsnaz soldier, and KSK soldier combined. Oh I know! Let's get a gangster we found of the streets with no loyalty, no self control and no acting ability! Our enemies are screwed now! So, what is the best thing about the movie? It's xXx. As bad as it is, it's still xXx. That means I can handle watching it...For about 20 min.(The movie is an hour forty minutes) As for the bad, there is a lot of it. Ice Cube makes Shaq look like a good actor. I'll admit he's a good rapper but just because you can make a few decent songs doesn't mean you can act worth crap. He has pretty much no personality, apart from the occasional explosion. But they couldn;t just take one crappy actor/rapper! No they had to take another one, in the form of Xzibit. Contrary to Ice Cube being a great rapper and a bad actor Xzibit happens to be a bad actor AND a bad rapper! 2 for the price of 1! The whole premise of the movie is down right uncreative and ridiculous. The villain has murdered more people than our last war, but he NEVER get's caught for it? And why didn't Willem Defoe just kill Gibbons?! Then nothing would have stood in his way! And why is Ice Cube put under so little securaty. Do they REALIZE this is xXx? But the worst part about it? They KILLED of the first xXx! You;re telling me Ice Cube has a better chance of surviving a maniacal dictator than Vin Diesel. No. Just No. Ice Cube needs to learn to leave acting to actors. Not rappers, not athletes, actors.
    Marc L Super Reviewer
  • Dec 15, 2010
    Far superior to the first one (mostly....only because Vin Diesel isn't in it) ...This is the best rating it could hope for. So they should all be happy.
    Martin S Super Reviewer

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