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December 23, 2017
xXx State of the union is a ok movie not the best movie but as a Big fan of the xXx Movies
November 22, 2017
Looks like this one was done up for Action. A lot of explosions a lot of action.
October 28, 2017
Worse than the original. Ice Cube is a poor man's Vin Diesel and the film is just as stale
September 21, 2017
"zZz: Snooze of the Union."
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July 31, 2017
Hollywood should know by now that if you dumb down a dumb film in the sequel you are heading for disappointment, There was lots of action and explosions but I found myself very bored and fading in and out of the film, The dialogue and acting was even worse this time round, The story was so predictable I had no love for it, I didn't mind too much that Ice Cube took the main role but he does nothing to make this a good movie, The first was goodish because it was dumb fun but this one is just dull and unimaginative.
June 16, 2017
Lame. Couldn't watch.
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May 19, 2017
de l'action à volontà (C), mais pousse à la puissance 1000! Si c'à (C)tait moins exagà (C)rà (C), on d'adhèrerait beaucoup plus.
Complot pas mal tir√ (C) par les cheveux.
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May 6, 2017
Horrendous filmmaking, mainly the director who commissioned what is a terrible sequel to an already poor original film. The director has shown a poor eye for directing action films, just remember that special effects debacle of an opening for Along came a spider or the surfing scene in Die another day. This film fails in poor storyline and supporting cast who are just relentless and one dimensional. I'm gearing up to see the next film but I'm struggling after this one-two punch knockout franchise, how talents like Dafoe, Jackson and Foley joined this film is probably the central question after Diesel hated the scripts. I fell asleep 20 mins in and suffered through the remaining action film. Cube was a better lead than Diesel but the film crafted around him was beyond dull. I now understand the delay with the new sequel, a time when sequels rarely succeeded the originals. The film deserved to flop and I'm annoyed that a film of this size has horrible special effects. 07-05-2017.
April 16, 2017
As terrible as you'd expect
½ March 12, 2017
Saying I've seen worse isn't saying much. Terrible acting, terrible premise, terrible cinematography, casual racism. The definition of a shit movie. Two hours of my life gone.
½ February 2, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 29, 2017
Terrible cheesy but fun if your drunk action packed movie starring ice cube replacing vin diesel. This movie is like fast and furious 2 or Tokyo drift , it's as cheesy but it had better action and those dumb explosions. I like ice cube with his humor and murdering people with humor and he's saving the president from the actor who only plays villains in bad movies except for Spider-Man but that's it. I don't care if this is part of the xxx vin diesel franchise because it feels on its own.
January 27, 2017
Entertaining with non-stop action but not as solid and dope as the first. Nothing beats the XANDER ZONE!!
January 23, 2017
I thought that xXx: State of the Union could be a fun movie at times and Ice Cube seemed to be having fun blowing stuff up but overall I think it would've worked better as a stand-alone film particularly because it ditches the enjoyable stunts that Vin Diesel pulled off in the first movie in favour of a climax that prefers to top it all off with CGI and also has a generic assassinate-the-President-of-US plot. While this movie could be a slight guilty pleasure, it also suffers from generic joke dialogue that I think is actually supposed to be funny such as an inevitable joke about the title XXX, something that Rob Cohen thankfully ditched in the first film and how Samuel L. Jackson initially asks Ice Cube's character who said the quote "Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal" with Darius Stone simply saying "Tupac". Uh, ha ha? I still think, as a movie that's basically just black James Bond, that this movie could've been far worse.
January 19, 2017
Even more mindless and stupid than the first one, xXx State of the Union plays like a joke. Unenjoyable and boring.
½ January 13, 2017
it's a good movie, but the vin diesel aka first movie was better. still be would be great if both came out together in the next xxx movie aka the 4th one or if there will be a 5th movie.
January 6, 2017
Its great but not better than first
½ November 12, 2016
A little cheesy, and at the end of the Pimp My Ride Era, it fulfilled the cool cars and weapons quota we looked for in the early 2000's. Ice cube, and the movie would've looked better if a different director had control. Then they mention Xander Cage...
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