You Only Live Once Reviews

April 20, 2020
What a great director can do with a stale story. This would be the usual killer-row and jailbreak episode were it not for Fritz Lang's amazing ability to vitalize whatever he directs.
July 22, 2019
This picture has both excitement and genuine feeling, and is recommended for everyone, except the very young.
March 26, 2007
Fritz Lang's second American film... remains one of his all-time greatest.
November 9, 2006
It always seems to be night and raining for its alienated main characters, who have only their love for each other to keep out the cold from the world.
July 16, 2005
May 29, 2004
August 5, 2003
It stands as a clear precursor for such revered love-on-the-run films as Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands and They Live By Night, but is perhaps better than any of them.
August 21, 2002
A top social drama, inspired by the real Bonnie and Clyde. Lang is in prime directing form.