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February 27, 2011
"Zero Bridge" starts with Dilawar(Mohamad Emran Tapa) meeting an acquaintance at a bridge, after which they do a little light purse snatching. They have a disagreement about the split which draws the attention of a soldier, landing them both in jail. Dilawar's devout uncle Ali(Ali Muhammed Dar) bails him out. In the meantime, Bani(Taniya Khan) is looking to replace her stolen passport.

While lacking sorely in technique, "Zero Bridge" is still an engaging look at a teenager who is at a stage in his life when he is making tons of mistakes, not thinking that his actions might have consequences. However, this does not excuse his uncle, whose whole life is built on hard work and has asked for nothing, handing down punishments that are on the verge of abusive. All of this happens in Kashmir which is marred by violence, corrobated by news reports and the ubiquitous soldiers who keep people from loitering at a bridge, by force, if necessary. In the end, area youth are left with few options if they want to stay.
½ November 23, 2009
Kind of has an Italian Neo-Realism feel; about a guy and girl kind of stuck in poor parts of Kashmir and the lack of choices they have; his pickpocketing sort of leads to her problems....but they kind of fall for each other anyway--doesn't work out
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