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      Zombie Strippers Reviews

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      Jan 16, 2023

      Hilarious and extremely gross, it's the best Sartre-quoting strippers vs zombies movie of all time.

      Dec 25, 2022

      Not remotely fun. Not remotely funny.

      Feb 16, 2022

      It was so badly lit. It didn't even look like a film. The CGI effects were cheap. Dull sound with bad music and no involvement. Only saving grace is clean dialogue. It was trying to be bad and it succeeded but not in the way that they wanted. At least Evil Bong (2006) was at least trying to be good even though it was bad. Do not watch, just trust me, don't waste your time.

      Nov 19, 2021

      What can I say???? It was funny at least and they made it into a comedy.

      Oct 15, 2021

      For a movie with that many boobs, it wasn't great.

      Oct 11, 2021

      If you go into this movie with the right mindset (which may be helped with a few adult beverages), then it's a so-bad-it's-good movie. But I cannot emphasize enough that the movie is titled, "Zombie Strippers". In order to enjoy it, you'll really need to lower your expectations and have a good laugh at the slow-motion, fake-boob infused, horribly written and acted, slow-motion train wreck, in all it's ridiculous splendor

      Sep 23, 2021

      This is a hard-R Rated comedy full of nudity and gore, and if you like the idea of a hard-R Rated comedy full of nudity and gore, you will likely enjoy this one as much as I did. It's genuinely funny here and there, and the strip element, so to speak (and remain tactful), is quite enjoyable in a pre-nut clarity sort of way (okay I think I just lost all semblance of tact..). The characters are energetic and fun to follow, but many of them aren't exactly likeable, and the story itself really just takes the most obvious routes imaginable. This is, for all intents and purposes, the soft-core scenes of an adult film (with zombies) in between the sex scenes, only with a greater budget; basically, this is a movie made up of the parts you normally fast-forward over, just given a lot more gloss. But as a viewing, it's actually quite entertaining in a shallow and predictable way -- The energy is high, the women attractive, the gore sometimes grotesque and the jokes sometimes legitimately funny.

      Dec 27, 2020

      everything is wrong, even the fake boobs, which are fun to watch., . ,

      Nov 20, 2020

      Horrible watch, won't watch again, and ask you to avoid. There are a lot of places to see strippers or boobs (or both), and probably a couple of other places to see zombie strippers if you're really wanting that, I wouldn't know. I do know that I barely appreciate the living strippers, let alone the undead ones in this movie. From a "I like girls" perspective, the more attractive ones are (mostly) the ones that weren't strippers which I feel was an intentional and odd choice. The entire movie screams "we don't take this seriously, and neither should you", outside the strip club and in. It also, at the same time, serves as some great metaphor for how awful humanity is all the up to, and potentially past death. It feels very strange for a movie to be so badly shallow and deep at the same time. Putting aside the bad concept, and the horribly devised plan, there just isn't anything to like. There might be just enough for a Bad Movie Night, but there is so little value in this watch, I can't imagine who seriously enjoys this one.

      Jul 1, 2019

      I love this movie. I know it's silly but there's a lot of fun to be had during viewing. I understand some of the comments but if you take it for what it is you'll really enjoy it, especially the last 40 minutes ... Lots of good zombie kills and great one-liners. Please give ita chance.

      Sep 14, 2018

      Okay film. Some good bits

      Sep 13, 2018

      Okay. Had some good bits

      Mar 26, 2018

      I went into this expecting a "so good its bad" B-movie, campy feel. While it did deliver on gore and the gross-out factor was high, it was weird and I don't really mean that in a good way. The plot made no sense and it wasn't interesting to exciting enough for me to not care. I was hoping it would be over soon by the last 15 minutes. There were some scenes that stood out and that I enjoyed (like the zombie-stripper catfight at the end) but overall, it was a bit of a mess.

      May 14, 2017

      strippers and zombies. you get what it says. sexy gals in lingerie being attacked by zombies. poor acting. poor story. but fun to watch.

      Jun 12, 2016

      I Loved This Film With Robert Englund It Was So Frickin' Funny?

      Feb 9, 2016

      You know it's a shit fucking movie when theirs zombies and tits AND it's still almost unwatchable.

      Nov 25, 2015

      Coulda been a cult classic. Well, maybe Whedon will revive it better.

      Jul 2, 2015

      This is simply the best satirical zombie film ever. The complete opposite of say, 28 Days Later. More like a really awkward porno version of Shaun of the Dead. Awesome film. Took me forever to get around to seeing it. I loved it. Totally catered to men. Lots of random people in it. It's plot is horrendous, especially since the beginning of the film comes to a random nosedive and turns into stripping and stripping zombies and stripping zombies competing against each other. What makes no sense and what will never be explained are that the infected strippers can speak and function normally. Now, that's not saying much. But they are like a more intelligent version of the special infected from the Left for Dead series. The movie is just a lot of fun to watch and everyone should see it. Extremely graphic, I saw it fully uncensored on IFC. But I can't recommend this film enough.

      Mar 27, 2015

      I thought it was great Jenna Jameson was great in it

      Jan 27, 2015

      It looks awful, like it had the budget of a cheap porno. The jokes are awful, like those out of a cheap porno. The acting is awful, like what you'd find in a cheap porno. Instead of a campy, guilty pleasure you get just an awful film.

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