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Célébration (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Though a document of an ostensible celebration, Celebration is never celebratory, and maybe that's the point. EDIT
Posted Nov 18, 2019
() Sherilyn Connelly Scandalous is kinda fun until it becomes a reminder of why we can't have nice things. EDIT
Posted Nov 18, 2019
Collisions (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Collisions tells its story in a timeless way. EDIT
Posted Nov 7, 2019
Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (2019) Sherilyn Connelly What makes this familiar vision of the apocalypse work now is composer Caitlin Yeo, whose burbling score gives Danger Close a sense of mid-70s Peter Weir-ish mysticism the film itself almost doesn't deserve. EDIT
Posted Nov 7, 2019
Greener Grass (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Jill is the ostensible protagonist because she has something resembling an emotional arc, yet she's so often a part of the random weirdness that it's difficult to identify with her. EDIT
Posted Oct 31, 2019
The Current War (2017) Sherilyn Connelly [Alfonso] Gomez-Rejon shoots this infrastructure origin story like an action movie, complete with heart-pounding closeups of old-timey technology, and plenty of wide vistas and dramatically stormy nighttime skies. EDIT
Posted Oct 24, 2019
The Kill Team (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Even if Nat [Wolff] never uttered a single phoneme in The Kill Team you'd know where Briggman is emotionally at any moment. Most actors would kill for that talent. EDIT
Posted Oct 24, 2019
The Day Shall Come (2019) Sherilyn Connelly One of the best films of 2019, The Day Shall Come is fast-paced and features far wittier dialog than most domestic comedies. EDIT
Posted Oct 17, 2019
The Dead Center (2018) Sherilyn Connelly [Billy] Senese... makes great use of the sound design, and glitchy visuals which are unnerving without resorting to cheap jump scares. But most importantly, The Dead Center gives us more [Shane] Carruth, and he brings the film to life. EDIT
Posted Oct 10, 2019
The Ground Beneath My Feet (2019) Sherilyn Connelly [Marie] Kreutzer paints a... nuanced portrait of the dehumanizing effects of the aesthetically-sterile, male-dominated business world. EDIT
Posted Oct 10, 2019
Britt-Marie var här (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Nearly every element in Britt-Marie Was Here feels familiar, down to the subplot of the evil rich person wanting to close down a youth center... but... the elements work. EDIT
Posted Sep 26, 2019
Ms. Purple (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Filmmaking is all about the right visual tool for the right job, and Justin Chon's Ms. Purple makes use of lush colors to tell its contemplative story. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2019
Desolation Center (2018) Sherilyn Connelly It's not fair to hold isolated events responsible for the things they inspire, which is why it's okay to revel in Stuart Swezey's documentary Desolation Center even knowing the events it relates led to Burning Man, and Burners ruin everything. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2019
Haunt (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Haunt strives for some emotional resonance by establishing that Harper's father was abusive, hence she grew up in a "real" haunted house, geddit? But it comes across as tasteless-in-a-bad-way. EDIT
Posted Sep 12, 2019
Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Molly Ivins fanned flames constantly throughout her life. Her fearlessness was matched only by her sense of humor, and both are ably honored in Janice Engel's inspiring documentary... which comes down on the side of freedom of expression. EDIT
Posted Sep 12, 2019
5B (2018) Peter Lawrence Kane [A] quietly searing documentary... EDIT
Posted Sep 7, 2019
Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017) Sherilyn Connelly Mexico's ongoing horror renaissance continues unabated with Issa López's wonderful Tigers Are Not Afraid. EDIT
Posted Sep 5, 2019
Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool (2019) Sherilyn Connelly It's a warts-and-all 101 of Davis's life and career until his 1991 death, in which those warts get more or less shrugged off because he geniuses like him are often problematic, so what are you gonna do? EDIT
Posted Sep 5, 2019
The Fanatic (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Who knew the frontbro of Limp Bizkit was such a competent director? EDIT
Posted Aug 29, 2019
Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles is most interesting when it questions the exploitation of poverty and Luis staging events for supposedly non-fiction films. EDIT
Posted Aug 22, 2019
After the Wedding (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Though heavy-handed at times-you'd best believe a nest with broken eggs symbolizes what you think it does-the picture moves along at a breakneck pace. EDIT
Posted Aug 16, 2019
Love, Antosha (2019) Sherilyn Connelly The often-ribald anecdotes related by people like Yelchin's Star Trek co-stars Chris Pine and Simon Pegg don't feel like violating his privacy so much as honoring his memory in the most celebratory way possible. EDIT
Posted Aug 16, 2019
The Mountain (2018) Sherilyn Connelly If [Jeff] Goldblum's signature performance tics are largely dialed back, then [Tye] Sheridan barely registers, all slouches with hands jammed in pockets. He's also ideal for the part in a way a more dynamic performer wouldn't be. EDIT
Posted Aug 9, 2019
Tel Aviv on Fire (2018) Sherilyn Connelly In addition to being fast-paced and very funny, Sameh Zoabi's Tel Aviv on Fire is as timely a parable on the dangers of fan entitlement as you could hope for. EDIT
Posted Aug 9, 2019
() Jordan Harper This Comedy Central special features Oswalt attacking everything from babies to '80s hair metal with a sharp eye, hyper-literate phrasing, and scads of obscenity. EDIT
Posted Aug 2, 2019
The Queen (1968) Sherilyn Connelly There is some backstage drama in The Queen - mostly involving the lithe, almost frustratingly pretty Harlow - but what comes across is not competition or catfights, but camaraderie. EDIT
Posted Aug 1, 2019
Mike Wallace Is Here (2019) Sherilyn Connelly [Avi] Belkin looks back through Wallace's broadcast career, including Wallace's early rent-paying days as a chain-smoking commercial pitchman up through his prominence as a journalist who asked the tough questions nobody else was asking. EDIT
Posted Aug 1, 2019
David Crosby: Remember My Name (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Crosby's honesty is refreshing. EDIT
Posted Jul 25, 2019
Sword of Trust (2019) Sherilyn Connelly It fizzles out as shaggy-dog stories must, yet Sword of Trust remains engaging thanks to the refined talent of its experienced cast. EDIT
Posted Jul 18, 2019
Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (2019) Sherilyn Connelly There may well be a crack in everything, yet very little light gets into Marianne & Leonard. EDIT
Posted Jul 11, 2019
Pasolini (2014) Sherilyn Connelly Ultimately, Ferrara depicts Pasolini as a gentle intellectual with some very unpopular views. Funny how they so often die young. EDIT
Posted Jul 5, 2019
Midsommar (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Immersive, psychedelic menace is not the only reason Midsommar is one of the best films of 2019, but it's up there like a sun that never sets. EDIT
Posted Jul 4, 2019
Endzeit (2018) Sherilyn Connelly In addition to creating an immersive, supernatural world where it feels like anything can be lurking behind the next tree, Endzeit is also one of the best Hansel-and-Gretel riffs since Matthew Bright's Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby. EDIT
Posted Jun 27, 2019
Toy Story 4 (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Though Toy Story 4 is as funny and action-packed and as effective a tearjerker as is to be expected from this series, what's truly remarkable is Bo's evolution. EDIT
Posted Jun 17, 2019
American Woman (2018) Sherilyn Connelly A film like this lives or dies by how it regards its characters, and American Woman wisely never judges Debra, no matter the choices she makes. EDIT
Posted Jun 13, 2019
The Spy Behind Home Plate (2019) Sherilyn Connelly The life of baseball player turned government spook Moe Berg would seem contrived if it hadn't actually happened in, y'know, real life. EDIT
Posted Jun 7, 2019
The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) Peter Lawrence Kane The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a bittersweet film, and it's a hilarious film, but few people are probably prepared for what a beautiful film it is. EDIT
Posted Jun 7, 2019
Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation (2019) Sherilyn Connelly With its brisk, 95-minute running time, it's necessarily a CliffNotes take on the event, and Goodman's emphasis is the not-unremarkable fact that the ginormous, rain-soaked cluster--- was pulled off without any deaths or outbreaks of violence. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
Nureyev (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Not unlike the man himself, Nureyev is overflowing with style... But what matters is the story, and Nureyev tells a good one. EDIT
Posted May 23, 2019
Double Lives (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Your mileage may vary depending on how invested you are in the future of publishing, but for those interested in such things, Non-Fiction feels very real. EDIT
Posted May 23, 2019
All Is True (2018) Sherilyn Connelly If Kenneth Branagh's early pictures... were about one-upping Laurence Olivier, then Branagh's new Bard biopic All Is True is a love letter to their fellow Shakespeare acolyte, Orson Welles... Branagh is serving two masters, and does both proud. EDIT
Posted May 16, 2019
We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Passon creates a very strong sense of mid-20th-century New England. And if the story's eventual tragedies feel inevitable, it's because we have always lived with them. EDIT
Posted May 16, 2019
The White Crow (2018) Sherilyn Connelly The White Crow is engaging enough to overcome the stumbles in how its story is told. The climactic defection scene is a nailbiter, and Fiennes evokes what feels like an authentic Tati-era Paris. EDIT
Posted May 9, 2019
Ask Dr. Ruth (2019) Sherilyn Connelly Ask Dr. Ruth never comes across as hagiographic because it never feels like there's much dirt on her in the first place, and she certainly had some good ideas that never caught on... EDIT
Posted May 2, 2019
Clara (2018) Sherilyn Connelly The film Clara has lots of fascinating real-life science, and there are plenty of delicious astronomical visuals. But the character of Clara herself comes across as a bit too much of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl archetype. EDIT
Posted May 2, 2019
Family (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Family manages to be about the destructiveness of strict gender roles and the need to let children explore beyond them without making it seem like a pathology to be pitied, or damage to be fixed. These days, that's still an achievement. EDIT
Posted Apr 25, 2019
Hail Satan? (2019) Sherilyn Connelly After the experimental historical documentaries Nuts! and Our Nixon, Penny Lane's more straightforward Hail Satan? is about events from the 2010s, but is no less informed by that hypocrisy. EDIT
Posted Apr 25, 2019
Wild Nights With Emily (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Olnek's film is photographed with the bright key lighting traditionally associated with comedies, and at times feels like a series of workshopped sketches. This is not a bad thing. EDIT
Posted Apr 22, 2019
The Chaperone (2018) Sherilyn Connelly The true heart of the film is the romance between Norma and Joseph, and its greatest revelation is Röhrig's performance... He finally gets to play a romance, and it's lovely. EDIT
Posted Apr 11, 2019
The Wind (2018) Sherilyn Connelly Gerard's fully committed lead performance makes it believable, and you can't go wrong with a well-executed "there's something out there in the dark" story. EDIT
Posted Apr 4, 2019