Day 2: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM


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Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) finds a trap door in the mosque, and goes down alone in search of Syed Ali (Francesco Quinn). Before Jack catches up to him, Ali calls Marie (Laura Harris) and tells her to go to the rendezvous point, and proceed without him if he doesn't show up in an hour. Jack manages to capture Ali and prevent him from killing himself. Kate (Sarah Wynter) overhears the CTU team talking about the last number Ali dialed on his cell phone, and recognizes it as Marie's number. Jack tells her about Marie's involvement, and asks her to call her sister and hold her on the line as long as possible so they can trace the call. Marie quickly sees through the ruse, and disposes of her cell. Jack then threatens to have Ali's family murdered, live via satellite, while the hapless terrorist watches. Ali reluctantly tells them the bomb is at Norton Airfield, and a CTU team is dispatched. Jack brings Kate along, in case they need her to talk to Marie. Lynne (Michelle Forbes) tells Mike (Jude Ciccolella) she has proof that Sherry (Penny Johnson Jerald) is in cahoots with Stanton (Harris Yulin), and that she's going to meet with her source. But when Lynne arrives for the meeting, she finds Sherry there, proclaiming her innocence. Meanwhile, Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) is released from the trap in the woods by Lonnie (Kevin Dillon), a hunter, who offers her a place to stay for the night.


Kiefer Sutherland
as Jack Bauer
Elisha Cuthbert
as Kimberly Bauer
Dennis Haysbert
as David Palmer
Carlos Bernard
as Tony Almeida
Reiko Aylesworth
as Michelle Dessler
Sarah Wynter
as Kate Warner
Xander Berkeley
as George Mason
Daniel Dae Kim
as Agent Tom Baker
Bernard White
as Imam Al Fulani
Michelle Forbes
as Lynne Kresge
Laura Harris
as Marie Warner
John Terry
as Bob Warner
Harris Yulin
as Roger Stanton
Steven Culp
as Agent Ted Simmons
Jude Ciccolella
as Mike Novick
Kevin Dillon
as Lonnie McRae
Val Lauren
as Agent Randy Murdoch
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