Day 2: 3:00 AM-4:00 AM


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Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) has been tortured to death, but the bad guys get a doctor (Peter Gregory) to revive him. Prescott (Alan Dale) is planning to have the cabinet declare Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) unfit, so he can take over and resume the military operation. He urges Mike (Jude Ciccolella) to keep Palmer from finding out. Mike has Lynne (Michelle Forbes) locked up in a room to keep her quiet, but she uses the traditional TV method (set a small fire to set off the alarm) to escape. Her guard catches up with her, they struggle, and she takes a bad fall. The thugs who beat up Yusuf (Donnie Keshawarz) are making off with his cash, and the microchip. Kate (Sarah Wynter) urges them to give the chip to her. She says if they take her home she'll give them money for it. Chapelle (Paul Schulze) shows up at CTU, and orders Tony (Carlos Bernard) to forget about Jack's wild goose chase and prepare for war. Tony sticks to his guns. Palmer has been unable to reach Prescott, and grows suspicious. He asks Pierce (Glenn Morshower), a secret service agent, if he should be worried. With the doctor's help, Jack manages to escape his attackers, and finds out that they're working for Kingsley (Tobin Bell). He calls Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth) and has her look for any info on Kingsley. He gets to the meeting place, but it's too late to save Yusuf, who tells him, with his dying breath, that the thugs took the chip and went to Kate's house. Jack shows up in time to save Kate's neck, but one of the thugs holds the chip hostage. Carrie (Lourdes Benedicto) tries to manipulate the chaos at CTU to her advantage. Palmer finds out that Lynne has been hurt.


Kiefer Sutherland
as Jack Bauer
Elisha Cuthbert
as Kimberly Bauer
Dennis Haysbert
as David Palmer
Carlos Bernard
as Tony Almeida
Reiko Aylesworth
as Michelle Dessler
Sarah Wynter
as Kate Warner
Xander Berkeley
as George Mason
Paul Schulze
as Ryan Chappelle
Jude Ciccolella
as Mike Novick
Glenn Morshower
as Agent Aaron Pierce
Peter Gregory
as Dr. Spire
Tobin Bell
as Peter Kingsley
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