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  • May 29, 2014
    For the return of Jack Bauer the fifth season of 24 goes for its biggest stakes yet and gets even more action-packed. Taking a new direct that will ultimately be the series' undoing, the show becomes all about Jack. This season Jack Bauer comes out of hiding when former President David Palmer is assassinated, and vows to bring those responsible to justice; meanwhile a rogue faction of Russian separatists threaten to release a deadly nerve gas. Overall the story arc for the season is pretty cohesive, though some of the recons in the second half don't quite work. And unfortunately, David Palmer isn't the only casualty as there's a lot of character assignation going on this season (both on and off screen); particularly of fan favorite characters. However, the new cast features a number of impressive guest stars, including Mark Sheppard, Peter Weller, Ray Wise, and Stana Katic. Full of thrills, Season 5 of 24 is incredibly ambitious and gets pretty crazy.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 31, 2019
    "24: Day 5" is amazing culmination of the "24" series.
  • Feb 27, 2017
    While Season One of 24 focused much of its attention on President David Palmer, Seasons 2-4 saw the Oval Office by and large take a back seat to the missions of Jack Bauer and CTU. However, Season Five brings some of the attention back to the sitting U.S. President (this time Charles Logan) and ends up with a much more well-rounded storyline. For a basic (non-spoilery) plot summary, a group of Russian terrorists threaten to release canisters of nerve gas in the U.S., leading Bauer to be reprieved from his thought-to-be death in order to help stop the crisis. As CTU begins investigating the terrorism, however, it quickly becomes clear that the terrorists are working with a high-ranking government official, and the conspiracy begins to be unraveled. To be honest, at first I was skeptical of all the focus on President Logan, as didn't like his character and wasn't sure that he could command the camera as well as his predecessor Palmer. However, by the end of the season, Logan is easily the most enjoyable/interesting character on the show. His acting, along with his wife, chief of staff, and head of security, really gives the show the Presidential presence it lacked since that first season. Of course, there is still more than enough of Jack Bauer and his fellow CTU agents (Audrey Rains, Bill Buchanon, Edgar Stiles, Chloe O'Brien, etc.) to go around, which means that intense drama ensues in every single episode. The writers have an amazing way to take a character that looks like a creep (think Tony Almeida and George Mason in the early seasons) and, by the end of a few episodes, have him become a noble hero, and that tradition continues in this season as well. The only "knock" I have on this season is that the cliffhanger endings of each episodes aren't quite as shocking (e.g. Nina Myers doesn't appear out of nowhere). However, I think that was more of a creative choice by the writers, as the story is actually more coherent that any season besides the first one. Instead of seemingly changing the plot of the show with every episode, Season Five slowly crescendos until the big finale. So, fans of 24 can purchase this season with confidence knowing that they will still get their action, drama, suspense, and some great twists and turns along the way.
  • Jun 13, 2016
    The first four episodes are absolutely perfect, 10/10. Every subsequent episode is excellent, and everything about the season is genius. This season is the pinnacle of the show. They do something in episode 21 just to drag the story out till episode 24 that is really stupid and obviously just because they needed more episodes. But, it's still well made, and had Jack Bauer!
  • May 16, 2014
    24's most gripping season yet!!!!!
  • May 12, 2014
    In what is universally considered the "best" season of 24 (based on it's popularity, conspiracies, awards, and absurd amount of drama), day five follows Jack Bauer infiltrating the US government in an attempt to find out just how high the conspiracies go. The day starts with ex-president Palmer's assassination and an attempt on Chloe's life, forcing Jack to come out of hiding. The day also features a summit between the US and Russia about peace talks. Because of this, Russian extremists take an airport hostage as a diversion to acquiring nerve gas canisters. Once that threat has been, more or less, neutralized, Jack goes to the Presidential retreat where President Logan is located after getting proof of Logan's involvement in the conspiracy with the help of ex-president Palmers brother Wayne. this season features both Kim and Audrey finding out and coming to terms with Jack being alive (only to have him ripped away again afterwards) and marks the second massive attack on CTU headquarters. Aaron Pierce is featured more heavily in this season than any other, which may not be worth noting if he wasn't such a bad ass and didn't recur in all but one season (the second most of any character) and didn't have the greatest line ever when talking to President Logan, or Charles as he derogatorily put it. So much happens in these seasons that I've probably forgotten the majority of major events worth mentioning, but this season is one of the busier ones. While I definitely don't think that this is the best season of 24 (day three is), it is definitely one of the best ones. The season ends in typical cliffhanger 24 fashion as Jack is taken by the Chinese. Oh, also forgot to mention Michelle's death and Tony's (apparent) death (two incredibly important characters I've yet to mention that have been recurring since day two and day one respectively).

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