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While attending a literature seminar in Arizona, Laura (Melissa Gilbert) is reunited with her sister-in-law Eliza Jane (Lucy Lee Flippin). This happy reunion is compromised when, failing to land a local tutoring job, Laura is forced to take menial work at a local restaurant. Before long, Laura and Eliza Jane find themselves in a quasi-romantic triangle involving the erudite Professor Woestehoff (Joseph Lambie). Though a married woman and certainly disinclined to stray, Laura allows the professor to flatter her in hopes that he will give a positive assessment of her writing efforts -- while the unattached Eliza Jane seethes with jealousy.


Michael Landon
as Charles Ingalls
Sidney Greenbush
as Carrie Ingalls
Karen Grassle
as Caroline Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert
as Laura Ingalls
Matthew Laborteaux
as Albert Ingalls
Dean Butler
as Almanzo Wilder
Lucy Lee Flippin
as Eliza Jane Wilder
Missy Francis
as Cassandra Cooper Ingalls
Pat Collins
as Mortimer Carstairs
Jason Bateman
as James Cooper Ingalls
Allison Balson
as Nancy Oleson
Patrick Collins
as Mortimer Carstairs
Darlene Conley
as Mrs. Pierce
Casey Erickson
as Delivery Boy
Wendi Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
Brenda Turnbaugh
as Grace Ingalls
Joe Lambie
as William Woestehoff
George Petrie
as Ralph Waldo Emerson
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