The Enemy Walks In


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Resolving the cliffhanger established at the end of season one, season two of Alias begins with college student-cum-secret agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) coming face to face with her presumed-dead mother, KGB agent Irina Derevko (Lena Olin, making her first appearance as a series regular). But the reunion is far from a happy one: Exposed as the master criminal whom Sydney has been tracking for months, the surly Irina displays decidedly non-maternal instincts by shooting her daughter in the arm and dashing off to parts unknown. Meanwhile, Syd's friend Will has published his exposé of the covert espionage agency SD-6, making him a marked man -- but not if Syd's father, Jack (Victor Garber), can protect Will from any and all assailants. And can it be that Syd's CIA contact, Vaughn (Michael Vartan), is really dead?


Jennifer Garner
as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin
as Sloane
Victor Garber
as Jack Bristow
Lena Olin
as Irina Derevko
Patricia Wettig
as CIA Psychiatrist Judy Barnett
Stuart W. Yee
as The Teacher
Jamie McShane
as CIA Agent
Dayna Adams
as Receptionist
Chris Harrison
as Reporter #2
Todd Karli
as Newscaster
Roger Lim
as Gasping Body
Tricia Nickell
as Reporter #3
Danny Romero
as Reporter #1
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