Victor Garber

Victor Garber

Highest Rated: 100% The Woman Who Loves Giraffes (2020)

Lowest Rated: 10% Mixed Nuts (1994)

Birthday: Mar 16, 1949

Birthplace: London, Ontario, Canada

Broadway actor Victor Garber was born on March 16th, 1940 in London, Ontario, Canada. Through years of working on-stage, he has earned several Tony and Drama Desk nominations. He earned his first Obie award for his performance in Wenceslas Square at the 1988 New York Shakespeare Festival. Some of his other stage credits include Macbeth, Sweeney Todd, Damn Yankees, and Yasmina Reza's Art. After playing Jesus on-stage in Toronto, Garber reprised his role in David Greene's 1973 film musical Godspell. He joined Greene again to play the lead in Liberace: Behind the Music (1988).Staying busy with theater, Garber occasionally acts in supporting roles on the big screen. He appeared in two of Nora Ephron's feature comedies: Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and Mixed Nuts (1994). He also appeared in the tense drama Exotica in 1994, directed by fellow Canadian Atom Egoyan. Throughout the '90s and beyond, he appeared in countless TV movies, from Woman on the Run: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story (1993) to Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story (2002). Some of his mainstream feature appearances include small parts in The First Wives Club, Titanic, and Legally Blonde. Meanwhile, he regularly appeared in a Canadian television mystery series, Criminal Instincts, based on the novels by Gail Bowen, starting with the first installment Love and Murder in 2000. He played Inspector Phillip Menard to head police detective Joanne Kilborne (Wendy Crewson). He also had a very comfortable home in Disney movies during this time, as he played the dad in Tuck Everlasting, the king in Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, and Daddy Warbucks in Rob Marshall's 1999 TV feature Annie.In 2001, Garber was cast as another dad in the dramatic spy series Alias. He played Jack Bristow, the CIA agent dad of Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner). He earned an Emmy nomination for his work on the show. Characters for 2003 included a mayor in the ABC musical The Music Man and a detective in the independent drama Home Room. The actor continued his work in Alias until 2005, and enjoyed further success on the television series' Justice and Eli Stone. In 2008, the actor took on the role of Mayor Moscone for the Academy Award-winning Milk, and lent his voice to Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2011.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Happiest Season Actor 2020
100% The Woman Who Loves Giraffes Voice of South African Rancher, Alex Matthew 2020
89% Dark Waters Actor 2019
28% Rebel in the Rye Sol Salinger $0.4M 2017
No Score Yet Vixen: The Movie Firestorm 2017
No Score Yet Consumed Dan Conway 2015
92% Sicario Actor 2015
19% Self/less Martin 2015
78% Big Game Vice President $17.9K 2015
33% I'll Follow You Down Sal 2014
No Score Yet Wonders Of The Arctic 3D Actor 2014
No Score Yet The Guys Who Move Furniture Actor 2013
No Score Yet The Hunters Mason 2013
96% Argo Ken Taylor $136.1M 2012
No Score Yet Moving Day Actor 2012
81% Kung Fu Panda 2 Master Thundering Rhino $165.3M 2011
No Score Yet The Entitled Bob Vincent 2011
No Score Yet William & Catherine: A Royal Romance Prince Charles 2011
18% You Again Mark $25.7M 2010
No Score Yet Ice Quake Colonel Bill Hughes 2010
50% Green Lantern: First Flight Sinestro 2009
No Score Yet Last Templar Monsignor De Angelis 2009
No Score Yet Waking the Baby Mammoth Actor 2009
No Score Yet Everything She Ever Wanted Actor 2009
No Score Yet Waking the Baby Mammoth Narrator 2009
No Score Yet Augustus Saint-Gaudens: Master of American Sculpture Narrator 2009
93% Milk Mayor George Moscone $31.8M 2008
55% Home Room Det. Martin Van Zandt 2003
No Score Yet The Music Man Mayor Shinn 2003
No Score Yet Invisible Child Actor 2003
61% Tuck Everlasting Robert Foster $19.1M 2002
No Score Yet Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story J.J. Robinette 2002
No Score Yet Criminal Instinct - A Colder Kind of Death Actor 2002
No Score Yet Call Me Claus Taylor 2001
69% Legally Blonde Professor Callahan $95.1M 2001
No Score Yet Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows Sid Luft 2001
No Score Yet The Wandering Soul Murders Insp. Philip Millard 2001
No Score Yet Neil Simon's 'Laughter on the 23rd Floor' Kenny 2001
No Score Yet A Colder Kind of Death Philip Millard 2001
No Score Yet Annie Daddy Warbucks 1999
No Score Yet Invisible Child Tim Beeman 1999
89% Titanic Thomas Andrews 1997
No Score Yet Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella King Maximilian 1997
84% Marvin's Room Minister 1996
49% The First Wives Club Bill Atchison 1996
No Score Yet Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story Jack Gilcrest 1996
68% Jeffrey Tim 1995
10% Mixed Nuts Irate Neighbor 1994
97% Exotica Harold 1994
No Score Yet Kleptomania Actor 1994
74% Sleepless in Seattle Greg 1993
25% Life with Mikey Brian Spiro 1993
No Score Yet Woman on the Run: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story Frank Marrocco 1993
No Score Yet Dieppe Actor 1993
No Score Yet The First Circle Lev Rubin 1992
87% Light Sleeper Tis 1992
No Score Yet Liberace: Behind the Music Liberace 1988
No Score Yet Cyrano Christian 1988
No Score Yet Private Sessions Actor 1985
No Score Yet Tartuffe Actor 1978
64% Godspell Jesus 1973


87% DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Martin Stein 2020
83% Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City
Sam Garland 2019
No Score Yet Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
Guest 2018
95% Difficult People
Mr. Passias 2017
86% Modern Family
Victor 2017
65% The Orville
Admiral Halsey 2017
No Score Yet Motive
No Score Yet The Talk
Guest 2016
89% The Flash
Dr. Martin Stein Dr. Stein 2016
No Score Yet Web Therapy
Kip Wallice 2015
No Score Yet Blue Bloods
Donald Stein 2014
94% The Good Wife
Judge Spencer 2014
37% Deception
Robert Bowers 2013
55% The Big C
Willy 2012
39% The Firm
59% Law & Order: LA
No Score Yet Flashpoint
Dr. Toth 2011
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2010
81% Nurse Jackie
Nutterman 2010
71% Glee
Will's Father 2009
60% Eli Stone
Jordan Wethersby 2009
97% Ugly Betty
Prof. Barrett 2007
63% Justice
Ron Trott 2006
88% Alias
Jack Bristow 2006
No Score Yet Will & Grace
Peter Bovington 2004
14% It's All Relative
Joffrey 2003
94% Frasier
Guest Ferguson 2000
No Score Yet The Outer Limits
Ben 1996
86% Almost Perfect
Howard 1995
No Score Yet Law & Order
Paul Sandig 1995
No Score Yet American Playhouse
John White White Jack 1987
No Score Yet The Twilight Zone
No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie
0% Charlie's Angels
Voice Charles "Charlie" Townsend
No Score Yet Republic of Doyle
Garrison Steele
39% Working the Engels


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Capt. Smith says: The pumps, we open the doors,

Thomas Andrews says: The pumps buy you time! But minutes only. from this moment there's no matter what to do. Titanic will founder.

Bruce Ismay says: But this ship can't sink.

Thomas Andrews says: She's made of Iron sir! I assure you she can! And she will. It is a mathematical certainty.

Capt. Smith says: How much time?

Thomas Andrews says: An hour. Two at most.

Capt. Smith says: And how many aboard Mr. Murdoch?

1st Officer Murdoch says: 2,200 souls on board sir.

Capt. Smith says: Well I believe you may get your headlines Mr. Ismay.

Rose DeWitt Bukater says: Mr. Andrews... I saw the iceberg and I see it in your eyes... please, tell me the truth.

Thomas Andrews says: The ship will sink.

Rose DeWitt Bukater says: You're certain?

Thomas Andrews says: Yes. In an hour or so, all of this will be at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Cal Hockley says: What?

Thomas Andrews says: Please, tell only who you must. I don't wanna be responsible for a panic. And get to a boat quickly, don't wait. You remember what I told you about the boats?

Rose DeWitt Bukater says: Yes... I understand.

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Ben says: And where did you go to medical school?

Mark says: Scientific Fact: When you wear a blindfold, you rely on your stomach. I already lost six pounds.

Ben says: And where did you go to Medical School?

Ben says: And where did you go to medical school?

Gail says: Ben!

Elle Woods says: Here it is!

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Elle Woods says: Oh! And it's scented! I think it gives it a little something extra, don't you think? Ok, well, see you next class!

Bruce Ismay says: But this ship can't sink!

Thomas Andrews says: She's made of iron, sir! I assure you, she can. And she will. It is a mathematical certainty.

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Master Thundering Rhino says: What do you want, Shen?

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Master Thundering Rhino says: Gongmen City is under the stewardship of the Masters' Council and we will protect it, even from you.

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