A Fixer of Sorts


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An FBI agent arrests Lucas, threatening to reveal his secret, but both men wind up having a run-in with a ruthless mob kingpin. Meanwhile, Tommy Littlestone disobeys Chayton's orders and launches a strike against Proctor; and Nola Longshadow seeks revenge against Burton.


Antony Starr
as Lucas Hood
Frankie Faison
as Sugar Bates
Ivana Milicevic
as Carrie Hopewell
Rus Blackwell
as Gordon Hopewell
Ryann Shane
as Deva Hopewell
Trieste Kelly Dunn
as Siobhan Kelly
Matt Servitto
as Brock Lotus
Lili Simmons
as Rebecca Bowman
Denis O'Hare
as FBI Agent Robert Phillips
Ricky Russert
as Tommy Littlestone
Shuler Hensley
as Raymond Brantley
Odette Annable
as Nola Longshadow
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