Walk the Straight and Narrow


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Conclusion. Batman becomes suspicious when the Archer promises to go straight. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward. Crier: Doodles Weaver. Allan: Robert Cornthwaite.


Adam West
as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Burt Ward
as Dick Grayson/Robin
Neil Hamilton
as Police Commissioner Gordon
Alan Napier
as Alfred Pennyworth
Madge Blake
as Aunt Harriet Cooper
Stafford Repp
as Chief O'Hara
Art Carney
as The Archer
Barbara Nichols
as Maid Marilyn
Doodles Weaver
as Crier Tuck
Archie Moore
as Bannister
Loren Ewing
as Big John
Steve Pendleton
as 1st Guard
Lee Delano
as 2nd Guard
Myrna Dell
as Pedestrian
Sam Jaffe
as Albert A. Aardvark
Robert Adler
as 1st Poor Person
Heidi Jensen
as 2nd Person
Kitty Kelly
as 3rd Person
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