Beast Wars ( - 1999)

Beast Wars

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An animated series about beastly forces, the Maximals and the Predacons, battling to control an energy source that gives its owner supreme power over the universe. It yielded a sequel, `Beast Machines.'

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1998, Syndicated, 0 episodes

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1997, Syndicated, 0 episodes

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1996, Syndicated, 0 episodes


Gary Chalk
as Optimus
Scott McNeil
as Rattrap/Waspinator
Richard Newman
as Rhinox
Blu Mankuma
as Tigatron
David Sobolov
as Depth Charge
David Kaye
as Megatron
Don Brown
as Scorponok
Jim Byrnes
as Inferno
Colin Murdock
as Quickstrike
Venus Terzo
as Black Arachnia
Alec Willows
as Tarantulus
Doug Parker
as Terrorsaur
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TV Network: Syndicated
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Genre: Animation
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