Talking Heads


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A severed hand and foot are found, and the team tries to reassemble the victim. Elsewhere, Megan's daughter asks to film her at work for a social-studies project, and what she learns in the process substantially changes her opinion of her mother.


Dana Delany
as Dr. Megan Hunt
Jeri Ryan
as Dr. Kate Murphy
Geoffrey Arend
as Dr. Ethan Gross
John Carroll Lynch
as Det. Bud Morris
Windell Middlebrooks
as Dr. Curtis Brumfield
Nicholas Bishop
as Peter Dunlap
Sonja Sohn
as Det. Samantha Baker
Tom Pelphrey
as Dean Avery
Abigail Hawk
as Jenny Avery
Pun Babdhu
as James Ling
Li Jun Li
as Mira Ling
Matthew James Cogswell
as Callum O'Donnell
Kathy Searle
as Irina Tomislava
Kelly Aucoin
as Mike Walsh
Cory Scott
as CSU Tech
Mark Valley
as Det. Tommy Sullivan
Elyes Gabel
as Det. Adam Lucas
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