A Greater Good


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Ethical issues embattle Shore and Crane, at odds as cocounsels representing a drug company in a civil suit that hinges on the testimony of a conflicted MD (Gina Ravera). Also, out-of-court impropriety busies Tara, who's guilefully conning an opposing lawyer.


James Spader
as Alan Shore
William Shatner
as Denny Crane
Rhona Mitra
as Tara Wilson
Mark Valley
as Brad Chase
Lake Bell
as Sally Heep
Monica Potter
as Lori Colson
Gina Ravera
as Dr. Amanda Gerard
Elizabeth Sampson
as Marybeth Hewitt
Steve Tom
as Martin Jeffries
Rene Auberjonois
as Paul Lewiston
Thomas Kopache
as Judge Wallace
Ben Bode
as Greg Montero
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