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A child abduction becomes personal for Denise, who, with Brad, takes extralegal action by posing as an FBI agent to locate the victim: Denise's housekeeper's son. Elsewhere, Crane faces a lawsuit from a homeless man he shot with a paintball gun.


James Spader
as Alan Shore
William Shatner
as Denny Crane
Mark Valley
as Brad Chase
Rene Auberjonois
as Paul Lewiston
Candice Bergen
as Shirley Schmidt
Julie Bowen
as Denise Bauer
Justin Mentell
as Garrett Wells
Jill Brennan
as Gracie Jane
Richard Fancy
as Father Michael Ryan
Steve Ryan
as Special Agent Kevin Drummond
Patrick Renna
as Warren Peters
Dianna Miranda
as Helena Perez
Lou Volpe
as Dominic Martini
Joyce Greenleaf
as Sister Mary Flagerty
Billy Mayo
as Det. Sean Wilkins
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