Bulletproof (2018 - Present)

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Release Date: 2018

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Detectives Bishop and Pike fight crime together on the streets of East London, sharing a similar moral code despite their drastically different backgrounds. Bishop grew up being passed around foster families, desperately looking for a father figure, while Pike's father was the first black police commissioner, whose expectations he is struggling to live up to. Their deviating approach to life has been shaping an almost unbreakable bond between the two men, and their friendship is finally put to the test.

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Cast & Crew

Ashley Walters profile thumbnail image
Ashley Walters
Ronnie Pike
Noel Clarke profile thumbnail image
Noel Clarke
Aaron Bishop
Lucie Shorthouse profile thumbnail image
Lucie Shorthouse
Paige Pennington
Rotten Tomatoes placeholder cast and crew thumbnail image
Vanessa Vanderpuye
Arjana Pike
Jason Maza profile thumbnail image
Jason Maza
Chris Munroe
David Elliot
Tim 'Jonesy' Jones
Clarke Peters
Ronald Pike Sr.
Lindsey Coulson
Sarah Tanner
Caroline Goodall
Charlotte Carmel
Lashana Lynch
Arjana Pike
Ben Tavassoli
Mikey Markides
Stavros Zalmas
Alex Markides
Christina Chong
Nell McBride
Allan Niblo
Executive Producer
Michele Buck
Executive Producer
Judy Counihan
Executive Producer
Nick Love
Executive Producer
Nick Love
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TV Network: SKYSHO
Premiere Date: May 15, 2018
Genre: Action
Executive producers: Allan Niblo, Michele Buck, Judy Counihan, Nick Love
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