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For free room and board, a college student takes care of three kids while still finding time for a social life (apparently his studies tended to get back-burnered). The sitcom ran on CBS from October 1984 to July of the following year, and later aired in syndication for three years.

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1989, CBS, 26 episodes

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1988, CBS, 26 episodes

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1987, CBS, 29 episodes

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1987, CBS, 23 episodes

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1984, CBS, 22 episodes


Scott Baio
as Charles
Willie Aames
as Buddy Lembeck
Julie Cobb
as Jill Pembroke
James Widdoes
as Stan Pembroke
April Lerman
as Lila Pembroke
Jonathan Ward
as Douglas Pembroke
Michael Pearlman
as Jason Pembroke
Jennifer Runyon
as Gwendolyn Pierce
James Callahan
as Walter Powell
Sandra Kerns
as Ellen Powell
Nicole Eggert
as Jamie Powell
Josie Davis
as Sarah Powell
Erika Eleniak
as Stephanie Curtis
Justin Whalin
as Anthony Swenson
James Karen
as Mr. Bartlett
Ben Stein
as Mr. Willard
Denise Miller
as Tiffany Kovac
Jerry Levine
as Cousin Elliot
Rue McClanahan
as Irene Pembroke
Kenneth Mars
as Poppa Grundov
Lorie Griffin
as Jeanie Andersen
Dabbs Greer
as Buzz Powell
Jack Bannon
as Dr. Clay
Marlyn Mason
as Julia Meyers
Pam Potillo
as Lisa Taylor
Jack Fletcher
as Prof. Wycliffe
David Knell
as Duane Mills
Eva La Rue
as Daphne Prentiss
Rodney Kageyama
as Mr. Asuka
Jacque Lynn Colton
as Momma Grundov
Vito Scotti
as Dino Firenzi
Jerry O'Connell
as David Landon
Brooke Mills
as Karen West
Susan Burrell
as Gayle Landis
John Astin
as Uncle Joe
Mark L. Taylor
as Professor Krick
Tina Andrews
as Linda Murphy
Hope Marie Carlton
as Jocelyn Brooks
Tom Fridley
as Spitball
Bryan Clark
as Professor Hastings
Barbra Horan
as Ms. McCoy
Nita Talbot
as Allison Lane
Mindy Cohn
as Bunny Lembeck
Mark Blankfield
as Drummond/Brenner
Judie Aronson
as Luanne Fitzgerald
Rodney Eastman
as Danny Holland
Kimberly Ross
as Diana Marks
Michael Dorn
as Police Officer
Graham Jarvis
as Lester Werley
Kristina Coggins
as Mrs. Smith
Mary B. Ward
as Lily Stevens
Richard Sanders
as Professor Smalley
Renny Temple
as Max Ziegler
Signy Coleman
as Rebecca Stansbury
Leslie Ryan
as Carol Fuller
Jerry Van Dyke
as Marvin Merken
Raf Mauro
as Professor Flack
Sally Struthers
as Miss Bowman
Holly Fields
as Stacy Radford
Michelle Nicastro
as Michelle Harris
Hank Brandt
as Alan Barlow
Kay Lenz
as Joan Robinson
Scott Grimes
as Gary Marlin
Marcy Kaplan
as Mike Lewis
Paul Walker
as Russell Davis
Diane Franklin
as Anna Grundov
Michelle Johnson
as Joyce Mills
Michael Rich
as Steven Berkle
Robert Ridgely
as Frankie Romano
Bobby Jacoby
as Peter Curtis
Shannon Beaty
as Kimberly Ross
Dick Gautier
as Harry Hileman
Adam Carl
as Mark Everett
Liz Keifer
as Julie Mercer
Ruta Lee
as Gloria
Michael Manasseri
as Michael Colfax
Stephen Parr
as Matty Whiteford
Cheryl Arutt
as Stephanie Harris
Lewis Arquette
as Clarence Lembeck
Greg Mullavey
as Mr. Curtis
Courtney Gebhart
as Julie Fletcher
John Roarke
as Father Michaels
Keely Christian
as Kelly Morgan
Molly Orr
as Hillary
Betsy Chasse
as Valerie
Kellie Martin
as Heather Curtis
Olivia Burnette
as Melanie Colfax
James O'Sullivan
as Commander Powell
Iona Morris
as Nancy Mayo
Maylo McCaslin
as Lauren Andrews
Nancy Valen
as Tammy Layton
Blake Boyd
as Richard Turner
Lisa Donovan
as Jill Pembroke
Richard Marion
as Mr. Nichols
Mark Marrone
as Policeman #1
Jason Zahler
as Sean Detwiller
Robin Bach
as Turkeyman
Traci Lee Gold
as Marlene Murry
Byrne Offutt
as Cliff Randall
Jeff Bennett
as Mitchell Green
Whitney Rydbeck
as Mr. Henley
Frank de Vol
as Leonard Griffin
Dick Yarmy
as Mr. Abernathy
David Agress
as Professor Bunt
Stuart Mabray
as Policeman #2
Clive Rosengren
as Delivery Man
Marianne Corney
as Laura Harris
Kym Gold
as Darlene Murry
Roberta Bizeau
as Miss Spelling
Billy 'Sly' Williams
as Tyrone Sampson
Parker Jacobs
as Maxwell Shrimner
Kate Poole
as Jessica
Sandra J. Marshall
as Bookish Woman
Diane Barrows
as Pushy Coed
Brenda Swanson
as Beth Thompson
Barbara Tyson
as Veronica Radford
Tony Dow
as Preston
Ami Foster
as Christy
Millicent Collingsworth
as Christine Coolidge
Mary Ellen Dunbar
as Brittany Hampton
Lisa Aliff
as Gina DelFluvio
Christopher Templeton
as Mrs. Williams
Crystal Carson
as Penny Hennesy
Romy Windsor
as Lisette
Jeremy Miller
as Alex Abernathy
Shaun Weiss
as Max Agajinian
Daniel Baldwin
as Daryl Furman
Hannah Cutrona
as Patsy Lewis
Joe Mays
as Professor Berger
Tom Williams
as Mr. Stevens
Ivan Gueron
as Nikki Kovacs
Michelle Gold
as Charlene Murry
Patch Mackenzie
as Ruth Lemay
Nick Toth
as Reverend Bob
Vincent Bufano
as Chauffeur
Lisa Fuller
as Gorgeous Coed
Brian Backer
as Leonard Burley
Jeff Davis
as Lewis 'Spiderman' Burch
Richard Brose
as Mike Novac
David Graf
as Steve Colfax
Frank Ferrante
as Human Fly
Cecilia Hart
as Elaine Colfax
Jade Chan
as Linda
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date:
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Michael Jacobs
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