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Air date: Oct 3, 2004
Air date: Oct 10, 2004
Air date: Oct 17, 2004
Air date: Oct 24, 2004
Air date: Oct 31, 2004
Air date: Nov 7, 2004
Air date: Nov 14, 2004
Air date: Nov 21, 2004
Air date: Nov 28, 2004
Air date: Dec 19, 2004
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Detective Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) continues to probe unsolved crimes with the help of the Philadelphia Police Department's homicide squad in the second season of "Cold Case." Cases include a cult member's 1978 suicide, a 1998 murder of a missing 9-year-old boy and a 1987 drive-by shooting victim. Medical examiner Dr. Frannie Ching (Susan Chuang) helps out Lilly with several cases. "The House" is the first in the series to feature the music of one artist, Johnny Cash, exclusively in an episode.


Kathryn Morris
as Lilly Rush
John Finn
as John Stillman
Thom Barry
as Will Jeffries
Jeremy Ratchford
as Nick Vera
Danny Pino
as Scotty Valens
Nicki Aycox
as Christina Rush
Nicki Lynn Aycox
as Christina Rush
Rodney Holland
as Construction Worker #2
Susan Chuang
as Frannie
John Billingsley
as George Marks
Josh Hopkins
as Jason Kite
Howard Mungo
as James Upshaw
Marla Gibbs
as Little Georgie
Bruce A. Young
as Cedric Booker
Carly Schroeder
as Young Brandi
Chad Donella
as Jeff Kern
Bug Hall
as Matthew Adams
Cayden Boyd
as Kyle Bream
Linda Purl
as Diane Moore
Kevin McCorkle
as Gil Sherman
Ray Stoney
as Young James Upshaw
Nick Price
as Young George Marks
Doan Ly
as Channary Dhiet
Orson Bean
as George Sealey
Sarah Jones
as Ellie McCormick
Bradley Stryker
as Joe Young
Hedy Burress
as Janet Lambert
Phil LaMarr
as Kiki Solis
Mark Lawson
as Jerry Stone
Jenny Eakes
as Young Diane Moore
Arjay Smith
as Marcus Walker
Jay Karnes
as Artie Russo
Susan Savage
as Alison Ray
Joyce Guy
as Jessie Odoms
Barry Bostwick
as Roy Anthony
Lakeiya Payne
as Young Little Georgie
Jenna Fischer
as Young Dottie
Dan Martin
as Maurice Banks
Brent Sexton
as Ken Bream
Sung Kang
as Sen Dhiet
Polly Cusumano
as Young Alison Ray
Piper Laurie
as Rose Collins
Richard Bakalyan
as Wendall Floyd
Erik McDowell
as Young Artie Russo
Johnny Sneed
as Young George Sealey
Geoffrey Rivas
as Salvador Martin
Kelli Kirkland
as Young Jessie Odoms
Colin Bain
as Brian McCormick
Brett Rickaby
as Monty Fineman
Alex Ball
as Young Roy Anthony
Sonya Leslie
as Det. Desalle
Daniel Travis
as Mark Gerard
Cody McMains
as Young John
Michelle Krusiec
as Kara Dhiet
Daveigh Chase
as Young Ariel
Blake Lindsley
as Susan Lambert
Anthony Diaz-Perez
as Greg Vizcaino
KeiKabou Holland
as Young Maurice Banks
Michael Wiles
as Father Andrew Stillman
Zack Graham
as Mike Cahill
Samantha Streets
as Young Rose Collins
Paul Gleason
as Stewart Adams
Miles Watson
as Rodney Johnson
Dempsey Pappion
as Tre Walker
John Griffin
as Young Wendall Floyd
Josh Randall
as Elliot Garvey
Jenna von Oÿ
as Young Kitty
Chad Allen
as Young Monty Fineman
Joshua Harto
as Young Bud
Charlie Bodin
as Young Nathan
Tessa Thompson
as Billie Ducette
Morgan Flynn
as Young Susan Lambert
Alexandra Barreto
as Anna Vizcaino
Bruce Wright
as Young Stewart Adams
Jack Wallace
as Sonny Carroll
Chris Foreman
as Young Rodney Johnson
Daniel Roebuck
as Butch Beard
Laura Leigh Hughes
as Kelly Witkowski
Blake Clark
as Tom Jaden
Scot Davis
as Young Russ
Brendan Wayne
as Manny Ganz
Michele Hicks
as Young Fannie
Ashley Rose Orr
as Young Tiffany
Alex Sol
as Young Butch Beard
Claire Coffee
as Young Kelly Witkowski
Aloma Wright
as Della Lincoln
Travis Clark
as Young Tom Jaden
Jamie McShane
as Leroy Lambert
Kyle David
as Bernie Ganz
Hugh Scott
as Young Lee
Albie Selznick
as Paul Kern
Mik Scriba
as Young Sonny Carroll
Andi Eystad
as Melanie
Nick D'Agosto
as Young Chris
Orlando Ashley
as Dolla Bill Whiting
Barry Sigismondi
as Jason James Sr.
Tom Bower
as Curtis Collins
George Gerdes
as Warden Wilbur
Brian Wedlake
as Young Paul Kern
Johnny Whitworth
as Young Maurice
Jordana Spiro
as Young Suzanne
Tony Colitti
as Mark Millbank
Dawn Stahlak
as Tiffany
Harrison Page
as Tommy Sugar
Clay Wilcox
as Ed Kripke
John Colton
as Bob Johnstone
Nina Hodoruk
as Kaitlyn
Patrick Reina
as Jason James Jr.
Johnathan Tchaikovsky
as Young Curtis Collins
Stacey Scowley
as Young Martha
Sal Landi
as Jacob
Tangi Miller
as Nora Lincoln
Terrence Evans
as Lester Hughes
Pat Healy
as Young Warden Wilbur
Akiko Morison
as Mei Prak
Jack Stahlmann
as Young Jack
Tom Wright
as Winsor Watson
Ash Christian
as Young Jacob
Nicholas Guest
as Jason Beaudry
David A. Kimball
as Nick Logan
J. David Shanks
as Young Tommy Sugar
Ryan Carmody
as Young Mac
Vincent Angell
as Rudy Tanner
Randy Oglesby
as Howard Lang
Precious Wright
as Kayla Odoms
Mike Hagerty
as Young Steven
Christina Cabot
as Young Louise
Kinga Phillips
as Ann Walters
Mary Chris Wall
as Holly Beaudry
Daniel Dash
as Young Nick Logan
Neil Vipond
as Ben Kern
Bill Dearth
as Buck Lowman
Kat Sawyer
as Helen Hargrove
Matt DeCaro
as Lyle Olsen
Ryan Carlberg
as Young Evan
Kinga Philipps
as Ann Walters
Ian Bohen
as Young Nelson
Patricia Forte
as Claire Copely
David Shatraw
as Harold Mott
Thom Gossom Jr.
as Mike Odoms
Fred Koehler
as Neil Beaudry
Spencer Garrett
as Young Ben Kern
Michael O'Neill
as Warren Cousins
Audrey Wasilewski
as Sandra Riley
Brian Kimmet
as Young Timmy
Wendy Davis
as Julia Owens
Gilbert Glenn Brown
as Renaldo Copely
Tyna Tyler
as Hooker
Robert Baker
as Young Buck Lowman
Jerry Kernion
as Young Ham Dunn
Linara Washington
as Celia Watson
Seamus Dever
as Hank Tatum
Amanda Thorp
as Tina James
Kate McNeil
as Beth Adams
Hillary Danner
as Young Helen Hargrove
Katie Walder
as Young Beth Adams
Paul Jenkins
as Father Pat McGuire
Reggie Currelley
as Darnell Odoms
Patti Tippo
as Mary Young
Chaffee Graham
as Young Neil Beaudry
Rita Zohar
as Reina Kraus
Andrew Michaelson
as Archie Tanner
Gail Bearden
as Claudia Valez
James Howell
as Edward Anthony
Larry Clarke
as Young Father Pat McGuire
Jake Longs
as Young Darnell Odoms
Meeghan Holaway
as Young Claudia Valez
Paul Parducci
as Young Barney
Iva Hasperger
as Young Reina Kraus
Robin Weigert
as Anna Mayes
Lukas Behnken
as Young Buddy
Judy Prescott
as Kelly Baxter
Serena Spencer
as Anne McCormick
Ty Treadway
as Brad Witham
Jay Bontaibus
as Young Mike
Dawn Cody
as Young Mary Young
Dion Anderson
as Dean Lang
Alexander Folk
as Sam Larson
Dafidd McCracken
as Pat McCormick
Jeff Doucette
as Larry Papas
Franc Ross
as Bill Crawford
Patrick Roman Miller
as Father Peter Gomez
Jason Matthew Smith
as Young Bill Crawford
Valeri Ross
as Truly Sinclair
Marin Van Vleck
as Joan Collison
David Bowe
as Young Larry Papas
Russell Sams
as Young Carlo
Dale Turner
as Orderly
Roxanne Hart
as Bobbi Olsen
Patrick J. Adams
as Young Dean Lang
Elaine Kagan
as Gina Carroll
Fiona Gubelmann
as Young Bobbi Olsen
Nick McCallum
as Eric Morrison
Jay Acovone
as Tom Collison
Cliff Weissman
as Vince Parisi
Michael Frost Beckner
as Frank Shavers
Sam Vance
as Young Vince Parisi
Campbell Scarborough
as Young Eric Morrison
Zack DiLiberto
as Young Tom Collison
Stacy Solodkin
as Patty Dunn
Bob Papenbrook
as Wade Ribble
John Peakes
as Witherspoon
Thomas Hall
as Young Witherspoon
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