The House


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The body of an inmate who tried to escape in 1968 from a now-closed state penitentiary is discovered when a sinkhole opens up, and Lilly must determine if he was murdered. The evidence suggests that the man was the victim of foul play and Lilly learns that he had escaped from the prison twice before. Upshaw: Howard Mungo. Floyd: Dick Bakalyan. Tom: Blake Clark. Warden: George Gerdes. Claudia: Gail Bearden.


Kathryn Morris
as Lilly Rush
John Finn
as John Stillman
Thom Barry
as Will Jeffries
Jeremy Ratchford
as Nick Vera
Danny Pino
as Scotty Valens
Howard Mungo
as James Upshaw
Ray Stoney
as Young James Upshaw
Richard Bakalyan
as Wendall Floyd
John Griffin
as Young Wendall Floyd
Blake Clark
as Tom Jaden
Travis Clark
as Young Tom Jaden
George Gerdes
as Warden Wilbur
Pat Healy
as Young Warden Wilbur
Matt DeCaro
as Lyle Olsen
Seamus Dever
as Hank Tatum
Gail Bearden
as Claudia Valez
Meeghan Holaway
as Young Claudia Valez
Roxanne Hart
as Bobbi Olsen
Fiona Gubelmann
as Young Bobbi Olsen
Susan Chuang
as Frannie
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