Minute of Silence
Continuum Season 3

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Love Life's first season breezes by on Anna Kendrick's charms, but those looking for a real connection may find its featherweight familiarness frustrating.

Episode Info

Kiera, without much help from Carlos, pursues a group of brilliant students who are using cutting-edge technology to commit crimes; at the same time, she's pursued by a handsome amnesiac who wants her help piecing together his mysterious past. Elsewhere, Kellog finds a way to get back into Alec's good graces, while Alec goes to dangerous lengths to perfect his new invention.

Cast & Crew

Rachel Nichols
Kiera Cameron
Victor Webster
Carlos Fonnegra
Erik Knudsen
Alec Sadler
Stephen Lobo
Matthew Kellog
Roger Cross
Travis Verta
Lexa Doig
Sonya Valentine
Luvia Petersen
Jasmine Garza
Omari Newton
Lucas Ingram
Ryan Robbins
Terry Chen
Curtis Chen
Brian Markinson
Inspector Dillon
Anjali Jay
Simon Barry
Executive Producer
Jeff King
Executive Producer
Simon Barry
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