CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season 6 (2005 - 2006)


Season 6
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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Air date: Sep 22, 2005

Grissom investigates the deaths of two people found inside a burning trailer that apparently caught fire when a gas main exploded. Across town, Catherine and Warrick probe the murder of a high-priced stripper who was found in a low-rent part of the city. The investigation leads to the discovery of more bodies when two more are located inside an abandoned car. Meanwhile, Warrick gives Catherine some shocking news.

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Air date: Sep 29, 2005

Warrick and Nick investigate the death of an up-and-coming movie star whose body is found in a luxury hotel room where he partied with a woman he met in a casino. Across town, Grissom and Catherine work a triple homicide that involves two Laotian men and a taxi driver. One of the men and the cabbie are found shot to death outside of an apartment building. The other man is found dead in his car, an apparent accident victim, but the evidence points to murder.

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Air date: Oct 6, 2005

A man finds his wife's bloody body after she apparently fell down the stairs in their home. Grissom and his crew investigate and the evidence points to murder. The probe reveals that the husband's previous wife died in a similar manner and that he is involved with another woman who has a biting fetish. The husband claims he was asleep outside by the pool when the death occurred.

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Air date: Oct 13, 2005

The bodies of 11 cult members who drank poison are found by Grissom and Catherine in an old underground military bunker in the desert. They stumble upon the grisly find while investigating the death of a man who was badly beaten and dumped in a backyard that borders the desert. Believing the body was dragged to the yard, Gil and Catherine follow drag marks and a dozen sets of footprints into the desert, where they find the bunker.

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Air date: Oct 20, 2005

A family of four who lived in a small Nevada town is believed to have been murdered in their home. Nick takes the lead in the case and discovers three pools of blood in the house, but no bodies. As the investigation intensifies, Nick comes to believe that the youngest victim, a 10-year-old girl, may still be alive. But Sara disagrees. She thinks Nick is getting too emotionally involved because of his recent near-death experience.

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Air date: Nov 3, 2005

A 28-year-old single mother is found shot to death in her home in what looks like a suicide, but Catherine determines quickly that the victim was murdered. The autopsy reveals that the woman was a virgin, but that she had also given birth. Back at the lab, Grissom is summoned by Ecklie to refute the testimony of an expert entomologist in a murder trial in order to prevent a killer from going free.

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Air date: Nov 10, 2005

A rookie police officer is killed during a shoot-out with four Hispanic gang members after a high-speed chase. The investigation reveals that the officer may not have been killed by a gang member, but rather by so-called friendly fire. Grissom and his crew search a crime scene that stretches for miles to determine what really happened.

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Air date: Nov 17, 2005

After a rookie cop is fatally wounded during a gun battle between police and gang members, the only suspect is gunned down as he's taken into custody. But Grissom fears that the cop was actually killed by so-called friendly fire from another officer. The investigation reveals that the gang members were involved with drug dealers.

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Air date: Nov 24, 2005

An obese man is found dead in a Dumpster outside of a restaurant on Thanksgiving and his hands are filled with mashed potatoes. The investigation leads Grissom and Catherine into the world of competitive eating. Across town, Nick and Sara probe the deaths of a husband and wife on the verge of divorce who were apparently attacked by a vicious dog. A golden retriever is found at the scene, but he hardly seems like a killer.

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Air date: Dec 8, 2005

Grissom and his team investigate when a 6-year-old boy is reportedly kidnapped from a park where he was playing. The child's mother claims her son was on a swing set shortly before he disappeared. The investigation reveals that the mother is a widow and that she feared her late husband's military father would take the boy from her. Later, Nick is visited by Kelly Gordon, the daughter of the man who abducted Nick and buried him alive.

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Tv Season Info

Series 6 begins a few weeks after the traumatic events recounted in the two-part Series 5 finale in which Nick Stokes (George Eads) was kidnapped and buried alive. Nick is now back at work but still occasionally relives the experience. This is certainly true when Nick spots Kelly Gordon (Aimee Graham), the daughter of the man who abducted him, watching him at a crime scene. What he doesn't know is that Grissom (William Petersen) is investigating who might have been an accomplice in Nick's case. Nick's brush with death makes colleague Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) realise how short life is, so he impetuously marries girlfriend Tina (Meta Golding), a nurse, much to the dismay of Catherine (Marg Helgenberger). Unfortunately, Warrick's marriage hits some rough spots as the seriesprogresses. Meanwhile, Sofia Curtis (Louise Lombard), a one-time lab tech who considered quitting, resurfaces as a detective working the graveyard shift. She is horrified when a rookie police officer is killed by friendly fire during a shootout with gang members. Sofia fears she may have fired the fatal bullet. Or could it have been Brass (Paul Guilfoyle)? Catherine, too, is fearful when her estranged dad Sam Braun (Scott Wilson) becomes the suspect in a murder that occurs at a posh party hosted by a once glamorous Vegas showgirl (guest star Faye Dunaway). Of course, twisted cases once again take centre stage: A man suffering from human werewolf syndrome is gunned down with a silver bullet; a shooting victim is revealed to be a virgin who has given birth; a "mini Jonestown" massacre is discovered; a deadly rivalry erupts between two rappers (Blink-182's Travis Barker guest stars); and Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) resurfaces after her estranged daughter's emaciated body is found dumped in the desert. In the series finale, the relationship between Grissom and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) takes a dramatic turn.


William L. Petersen
as Gil Grissom
Marg Helgenberger
as Catherine Willows
Gary Dourdan
as Warrick Brown
George Eads
as Nick Stokes
Paul Guilfoyle (II)
as Capt. Jim Brass
Jorja Fox
as Sara Sidle
Eric Szmanda
as Greg Sanders
Robert David Hall
as Dr. Albert Robbins
Louise Lombard
as Sofia Curtis
David Berman
as David Phillips
Wallace Langham
as David Hodges
Ted Danson
as D.B. Russell
Liz Vassey
as Wendy Simms
Elisabeth Shue
as Julie Finlay
Archie Kao
as Archie Johnson
Jon Wellner
as Henry Andrews
Laurence Fishburne
as Raymond Langston
Gerald McCullouch
as Bobby Dawson
Sheeri Rappaport
as Mandy Webster
Alex Carter
as Det. Vartann
Marc Vann
as Conrad Ecklie
Currie Graham
as Willie Cutler
Larry Mitchell
as Officer Mitchell
Joseph Patrick Kelly
as Officer Metcalf
Meta Golding
as Tina Brown
Vincent Duvall
as Mark Trent
Erik Jensen
as Jeffrey Sinclair
Judd Nelson
as Mick Logan
William Allen Young
as Duane McWane
Elisabeth Harnois
as Morgan Brody
Kyle Howard
as Jeff Quinn
Aimee Graham
as Kelly Gordon
Julie Benz
as Heidi Wolff
Michael Enright
as Sammy Cutler
David Berman
as David Phillips
José Zúñiga
as Det. Chris Cavaliere
Jocko Sims
as Lenny Andretti
Brennan Elliott
as Sgt. Carroll
Colby French
as Officer Davis
Daniel Bess
as Officer Bell
Rick Worthy
as Dr. Stewart
Steve Ryan
as Sgt. Adams
Thad Luckinbill
as Timothy Johnson
Tony Amendola
as Professor Rambar
Kenny Johnson
as Randy Bolen
Larry Sullivan
as Officer Akers
Tina Morasco
as Janice Cutler
John Michael Higgins
as Anthony Caprice
Brad Greenquist
as Taxi Manager
Will Yun Lee
as Dennis Kim
Geoffrey Rivas
as Det. Sam Vega
Shawn Michael Patrick
as Hotel Manager
Teal Redmann
as Ellie Brass
A Martinez
as Danilo Zameesca
Patrick Breen
as Mr. Phillipe
Frank Clem
as Caleb Carson
Faye Dunaway
as Lois O'Neill
Rob Boltin
as Mr. Copeland
Melinda Clarke
as Lady Heather
Doan Ly
as Jesse Menken
Page Kennedy
as Jessie `Dollar' Cleveland
Mary Matilyn Mouser
as Cassie McBride
Patrick Kerr
as Gregory Kimble
Samantha Lemole
as Mrs. Copeland
Hunter Parrish
as Jeremy McBride
Bill Chott
as Jerry Gable
Scott Wilson
as Sam Braun
Maitland McConnell
as Stacy Vollmer
Annie Fitzgerald
as Darcy Rupert
Ryan Alvarez
as Hollywood
Nestor Serrano
as Det. Nestor Ortega
Anita Gillette
as Lily Flynn
William Sadler
as Karl Cooper
Dan Lauria
as Det. Jameson
Dane Northcutt
as Michael Tinsley
Michael McGrady
as Sheriff Brackett
John Rubinstein
as Judge Crawford
Kay Panabaker
as Lindsey Willows
Clea DuVall
as Abigail Sinclair
Chase Ryan Jeffery
as Luke Daniels
Jonny Miller
as Off. Clark
Tina Lifford
as Judge Witherspoon
Susanna Thompson
as Janice Cooper
Steven Grayhm
as Scott Baird
Eric Jungmann
as Reese Bingham
Paula Trickey
as Lori Tinsley
Graham Beckel
as Captain Hendricks
Heather Stephens
as Karen Matthews
Leisha Hailey
as Allison Ludford
Jonathan Banks
as Bobby Jensen
Reed Diamond
as Ray Lester
Shiloh Strong
as Hayden Ludford
Savannah McDermott
as Maddy Cooper
Douglas Smith
as Marlon West
Scott Paulin
as Dr. Parker
John Mese
as Gordon Wallace
Kevin Quigley
as Randy Swansiger
David Patrick Green
as Richard McQueen
John DeVito
as Jesse/Adam
Jeff Sugarman
as Dr. Mulligan
Jonathan Nichols
as Victor Esposito
Tamara Davies
as Brooke Harris
Kevin Crowley
as Jacob Wolfowitz
Erik Palladino
as Dan Nobler
T. Lopez
as Joslynn Raines
Paul Statman
as Cab Driver
Abigail Spencer
as Becky Lester
Josh Daugherty
as Ty Bentley
Hal Sparks
as Digger James
Jon Lindstrom
as Martin Sidley
Jessica Tuck
as Sally West
Reagan Pasternak
as Jill Shoemaker
Chaney Kley
as Brent Martin
Gary Basaraba
as Mr. Sullivan
Karis Campbell
as Tara Weathers
Juliette Goglia
as Hannah West
Bailey Chase
as Marty Mayron
Lori Alan
as Valerie Esposito
Kara Zediker
as Amber Durgee
Mark Pellegrino
as Elliot Perolta
Charlotte Salt
as Eve Girard
Scott William Winters
as Joe Fitzgibbons
Claire Coffee
as Cindy Jansen
Annie Burgstede
as Zoe Kessler
Jennifer Grant
as Sedona Wylie
Angela Goethals
as Suzie Gable
David Goldman
as Alex David
Rheagan Wallace
as Mindy Faberge
Jamie McShane
as Eddie Vonner
Alan Rachins
as Grandpa Stein
Matt Funke
as Mark Horvatin Jr.
Johnny Lewis
as Tad Sidley
Bijou Phillips
as Li'l Cherry
Seamus Dever
as Adam Gilford
Joel David Moore
as Guy in the Yellow Hat
Ashleigh Sumner
as Lana Adalian
Jonathan Chapin
as Ken McCracken
James Parks
as Jonathan Wax
Rachel Miner
as Valerie Whitehall
Christopher Gartin
as Marcus Corcoran
Eliza Pryor
as Michelle Martin
Mark Derwin
as James Mandelbaum
Don Michael Paul
as Mark Horvatin Sr.
Scott DeFoe
as SWAT Commander
Travis Wester
as Trent Hall
Mary Jo Mrochinski
as Ms. Karpell
Keir O'Donnell
as Ken Richmond
Art Chudabala
as Keo Vipraxay
Tomas Arana
as Joseph Diamond
Bonita Friedericy
as Mrs. Ludford
Jim Holmes
as Jim West
Amy Sloan
as Christina Adalian
Daphne Ashbrook
as Buffet Manager
Rutanya Alda
as Faye Matthews
Tang Nguyen
as Noy Vipraxay
Terrell Ramsey
as Pretzel Vendor
Nate Mooney
as Larry Smite
Mark Tomesek
as Mr. Vollmer
Charles Napier
as Warren Matthews
Palmer Davis
as Margaret Finn
Chris Hardwick
as Mikey Shoemaker
Hudson Leick
as Jeri Cohen
Mitch Pileggi
as Harry Desmond
Jamal Duff
as Security Guard
Jeris Poindexter
as Grandpa Calvin
Kevin Durand
as Conner Daly
Lindsey Ginter
as Mr. Daniels
Jose Rosario
as Tomas Castillo
Devon Todd
as Bodyguard
Paul Dillon
as Joe Cavanaugh
Jeff Bass
as Paramedic Bass
Daniel Graves
as Mr. Meyers
Lisa Clifton
as Mrs. Vollmer
Michael Wiseman
as Director of Surveillance
Katie Gill
as Caroline Fitzgibbons
Taylor Sheridan
as Evan Peters
Steve Rankin
as Troy Thompson
Victoria Reiniger
as Judy Tremont
Tess Lina
as Interpreter
Tayler Sheridan
as Evan Peters
Cynthia DeCure
as Rosa Cerna
Laurie O'Brien
as Mrs. Meyers
Jeanetta Arnette
as Mrs. Spencer
Ray Wise
as Ernest Chase
Jerry Weil
as Attorney
Ivonne Coll
as Marsha Kendric
Brenda Canela
as Gloria Torres
Daniel Roebuck
as Frank Rosetti
Dave Power
as Bryce Gundy
Ashlyn Sanchez
as April Torres
Bre Blair
as Tracy Bell
Carmen Argenziano
as Sylvano Fatelli
Caroline Goodall
as Dr. Emily Ryan
Aasif Mandvi
as Dr. Leever
Jenny O'Hara
as Sandra Walkey
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CSI has learned how to work character development into its plots without making the effort feel forced.

Nov 16, 2005 | Full Review…

The original "C.S.I." series remains the best of the bunch, possibly because the cast is so solid, and because we slowly but surely continue to learn about each and every one of the major characters.

Feb 10, 2020 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

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