Mommie Deadest


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A suburban woman is beaten to death shortly after celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary at a party in her home. The probe reveals that the victim was abusive to her family. Meanwhile, Delko investigates stolen diamonds from the evidence locker, and his findings unsettle some of his colleagues in the lab.


David Caruso
as Horatio Caine
Emily Procter
as Calleigh Duquesne
Adam Rodriguez
as Eric Delko
Eddie Cibrian
as Jesse Cardoza
Jonathan Togo
as Ryan Wolfe
Rex Linn
as Det. Frank Tripp
Eva La Rue
as Natalia Boa Vista
Boti Ann Bliss
as Maxine Valera
Boti Bliss
as Maxine Valera
Omar Benson Miller
as Walter Simmons
Colin Ford
as Cody Williams
Wes Ramsey
as Dave Benton
Christina Chang
as Rebecca Nevins
David Lee Smith
as Rick Stetler
Brad Leland
as John Sullivan
Olesya Rulin
as Andrea Williams
Fay Masterson
as Laura Williams
Mark Moses
as Chuck Williams
Nic Robuck
as Logan Price
Marc Raducci
as Joel Clark
Andrea Bogart
as Bridgette Clark
Brighid Fleming
as Young Andrea Williams
Cameron Castaneda
as Bradley Williams
Katie Ward
as Guest #1
Matt Huhn
as Guest #2
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