Not What It Looks Like


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Three women dressed as Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" rob a jewelry store and one of the managers is killed during the heist when a shotgun discharges. Across town, a mummified body is discovered during an old building's demolition. The corpse turns out to be the missing wife of a city councilman. Even though the autopsy concludes she died of natural causes, Mac believes she was murdered.


Gary Sinise
as Det. Mac Taylor
Melina Kanakaredes
as Det. Stella Bonasera
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Danny Messer
Hill Harper
as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Anna Belknap
as Lindsay Monroe
Eddie Cahill
as Det. Don Flack
Robert Joy
as Dr. Sid Hammerback
Claire Forlani
as Dr. Peyton Driscoll
Emmanuelle Vaugier
as Det. Jessica Angell
A.J. Buckley
as Adam Ross
Valerie Azlynn
as Eve Demming
Brad Schmidt
as Jeremy Bloomfield
Justin Meloni
as Sal Bovado
Steve Cell
as Patrick Lantana
Lynn Borden
as Elderly Woman
Sandra Vidal
as Trophy Wife
Rafael J. Noble
as Polygraph Administrator
Gina St. John
as Reporter No. 1
Cassius Willis
as Reporter No. 2
Mary Ann Hermansen
as Reporter No. 3
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