A Daze of Wine and Roaches


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Mac and Stella must hurdle diplomatic road blocks to investigate a murder at the U.N. when a part-time translator is poisoned to death during a French Revolution-themed fund-raiser. Deputy Inspector Gerrard won't allow the CSIs to examine the body until all diplomatic clearances have been met. Across town, a chef is stabbed to death with a large corkscrew on the opening night of his restaurant and a live jeweled cockroach is found inside of his mouth.


Gary Sinise
as Det. Mac Taylor
Melina Kanakaredes
as Det. Stella Bonasera
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Danny Messer
Hill Harper
as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Anna Belknap
as Lindsay Monroe
Eddie Cahill
as Det. Don Flack
Robert Joy
as Dr. Sid Hammerback
Shailene Woodley
as Evie Pierpont
James Black
as Luther Vandeross
Ross Gibby
as Jackson Pillock
Joseph Rye
as Ambassador
Louise Linton
as Simone De Lille
Eli Goodman
as Greg Sanford
Dana Cuomo
as Clarissa Evans
Dan Buran
as Alec Green
Rey Valentin
as Julian Feeney
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