The Party's Over


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Stella is thrust into the middle of a crime scene when she attends a charity fund-raiser and the deputy mayor's dead body falls from the ceiling along with hundreds of balloons. The investigation reveals that the victim was receiving bribes and kickbacks. Meanwhile, thousands of NYPD's finest, including Danny, fall prey to "blue flu" to protest pay cuts; and a greedy publishing mogul (Craig T. Nelson) makes life difficult for Mac with stories about the department.


Gary Sinise
as Det. Mac Taylor
Melina Kanakaredes
as Det. Stella Bonasera
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Danny Messer
Hill Harper
as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Anna Belknap
as Lindsay Monroe
Eddie Cahill
as Det. Don Flack
Robert Joy
as Dr. Sid Hammerback
A.J. Buckley
as Adam Ross
Craig T. Nelson
as Robert Dunbrook
Julia Ormond
as Gillian Whitford
Ethan Erickson
as Brendon Walsh
David Chisum
as Deputy Mayor Kaplan
Skyler Gisondo
as Jake Kaplan
Maury Sterling
as Neal Weston
Donnie Jeffcoat
as Det. Stan Miller
Craig Woolson
as Defense Attorney
Jack McGee
as Officer Marks
Ramona DuBarry
as Reporter No. 1
Marta McGonagle
as Reporter No. 2
Al Vincente
as Bodega Owner
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