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A neurotic TV writer copes with life in L.A. in a tart, hilarious and semi-improvised sitcom that follows him dealing with one cringe-inducing dilemma after another, sometimes in the company of mortified celebrity colleagues (who play themselves). If the premise sounds a bit like 'George Costanza in Hollywood,' it's because the 'Seinfeld' nebbish was based on 'Curb' star Larry David, the co-creator of Jerry's classic sitcom.

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Aired Sun, Feb 23, 2020

The Surprise Party
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10, The Surprise Party

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Sun, March 01, 2020

The Ugly Section
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10, The Ugly Section

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Critics Consensus: Still ticked off, but with more timely themes, Curb Your Enthusiasm's tenth season feels fresher than ever.

2020, HBO, 11 episodes

Critics Consensus: Curb Your Enthusiasm returns after a long layoff with a batch of episodes that continue to mine fresh - if not particularly groundbreaking - misanthropic laughs.

2017, HBO, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Curb returns as vulgar and hilarious as ever for its eighth season, full of new energy as Larry returns to his old NYC stomping grounds.

2011, HBO, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Though the seventh season hits largely familiar beats, Larry David continues to mine the mundane for humor, and Curb Your Enthusiasm is as funny as ever.

2009, HBO, 11 episodes

Critics Consensus: While Larry's lack of personal growth wavers between amusing and baffling, Curb's sixth season introduces amusing new characters into its intricate plot lines.

2007, HBO, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Determined to address the annoyances that punctuate daily life at any and all cost, Larry returns in Curb's fifth season just as difficult and entertaining as he's always been.

2005, HBO, 11 episodes

Critics Consensus: In addition to the impressively improvised dialogue, Curb's fourth season offers new scenarios in which Larry is still able to offend anyone and everyone.

2004, HBO, 11 episodes

Critics Consensus: To borrow a phrase, Curb Your Enthusiasm's third season is "pretty, pretty, pretty good."

2002, HBO, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2001, HBO, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Playing an exaggerated version of himself, Larry David proves that his comic genius is at full force both behind and in front of the camera.

2000, HBO, 10 episodes


Larry David
as Larry David
Cheryl Hines
as Cheryl David
Jeff Garlin
as Jeff Greene
Mel Brooks
as Himself
Susie Essman
as Susie Greene
Richard Lewis
as Richard Lewis
Ellia English
as Auntie Rae
Vivica A. Fox
as Loretta Black
Bob Einstein
as Marty Funkhouser
Ashly Holloway
as Sammie Greene
Jack Heller
as Irving Schwimmer
Jerry Adler
as Minyan Member #1
Mike Hagerty
as Mike Duffy
Matt DeCaro
as Dr. Skadden
Paul Dooley
as Cheryl's Father
Mekhi Phifer
as Omar Jones
Julie Payne
as Cheryl's Mother
Rob Reiner
as Himself
Patrick Kerr
as Blind Man
Ann Ryerson
as Nan Funkhouser
Antoinette Spolar
as Larry's Receptionist
Lin-Manuel Miranda
as Lin-Manuel Miranda
Wallace Langham
as Man in Bathroom
Michael McKean
as Matt Tessler
Mayim Bialik
as Jodi Funkhouser
Mindy Kaling
as Richard Lewis's Receptionist
Tim Kazurinsky
as Hugh Mellon
Steve Coogan
as Dr. Bright
Brad Hall
as Himself
William Mesnick
as Pharmacist
Steve Sheridan
as Rick Crane
Thomas Jones
as Valet Offendee
as Sheriff the Dog
George Coe
as General Manager
Suzy Nakamura
as Assistant Manager
Todd Stashwick
as Sandy Goodman
Robert Kelly
as Heckler #1
Steven Weber
as The Shucker
Michael J. Fox
as Michael J. Fox
Perry Anzilotti
as Restaurant Captain
Karen Bankhead
as Line Producer
Mark DeCarlo
as Albert Mayo
Allan Arbus
as Uncle Nathan
Saul Rubinek
as Dr. Saul Funkhouser
Jason Kravits
as Ron Solotaroff
Harry Hamlin
as Big Dog Man
Daniel Escobar
as Chef Josh
Moon Zappa
as Haboos
Jim Staahl
as Restaurant Manager
Gary Kroeger
as The Weatherman
Laura Fairchild
as Restaurant Manager
Kenji Nakamura
as Sushi Chef #1
Dana Lee
as Mr. Takahashi
Robert Cesario
as Maitre d'
Tom Booker
as Limo Driver
Chris Barnes
as Burt Bondy
Charlie Hartsock
as Sitcom Actor
Kenji Nakamura
as Sushi Chef #1
Larry Miller
as Eddie Kravitz
Scott Cohen
as Ira Isner
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Dr. Craig Wiggins
Gary Cole
as Joe O'Donnell
Aida Turturro
as Gabby Isner
Tipper Newton
as Valentina
Clement E. Blake
as Homeless Man
Cynthia Szigeti
as Group leader
Chris Williams (XII)
as Krazee-Eyez Killah
Mitch Silpa
as Salesman
Toby Huss
as Limo Driver
Denny Siegel
as Juliet Kravitz
Alan Zweibel
as Duckstein
John DeBellis
as Card Show Usher
Adrian Sparks
as Gravedigger
Donna Cooper
as Dr. Grambs' Wife
Phil Rosenthal
as Poker Player #2
Christen Sussin
as Limo Driver's Wife
Carrie Aizley
as Melanie Loeb
Sharon Lawrence
as Dr. Trundle
Sherry Stringfield
as Mary Jane Porter
Eric Edelstein
as Stonemason
Grant Shaud
as Henry Horn
Ben Shenkman
as Roger Swindell
Nora Dunn
as CBS Executive
Claudia Cohen
as Woman in Line
Winnie Holzman
as Dr. Slavin
Michael Coleman
as Off. Krupke
Maggie Wheeler
as Ilene Solotaroff
Jo Anne Worley
as Antoinette's Mom
Joanne Worley
as Antoinette's Mom
Judge Judy Sheindlin
as Judy Sheindlin
Meg Ryan
as Herself
Alan Havey
as Homeowner
Harry Murphy
as Ed Swindell
Kenneth Kimmins
as Dr. Sewell
Jamie Elman
as Bartender
Dorian Frankel
as Mausseuse
Dan Jablons
as Hiram Katz
Edi Patterson
as Vet's Wife
Andrew Pang
as Japanese Manager
Ted Harbert
as Himself
Paul Ben-Victor
as Ticket Scalper
Jen Kober
as Brawny Woman
Michael Gross
as Dr. Rivkin
Dan Bakkedahl
as The Waiter
F. Murray Abraham
as F. Murray Abraham
Karen Gordon
as Hotel Clerk
George Bartenieff
as Judge Carter Horn
Robert B. Weide
as Man with Cell Phone
Burton Katz
as Judge Katz
Diane Salinger
as Deborah's Mom
Lydia Cornell
as Bra saleswoman
Wayne Federman
as Dean Weinstock
Joseph Reidy
as Assistant Director
Mary Gillis
as Mrs. Seiderman
Michael Watkins
as Woman Dog Owner
Brian Huskey
as Buffet Man
Julie Claire
as Saleswoman
Brad Abrell
as Husband
Seth Morris
as Dr. Schaffer
Andrew Friedman
as Merl Berger
Kevin P. Farley
as Mike the Exterminator
David Canary
as White-Haired Man in Park
Jamie Denbo
as Mrs. Fowler
Lenny Venito
as The One-Armed Man
Paul Goebel
as Gas Station Attendant
Markus Redmond
as Loud man at party
Michael Shure
as Woodcrest Employee
Niels Jorgensen
as Fireman #1
Gino Santangelo
as Gangster No. 1
Ana Dreyer
as Mourner No. 1
Andy Goldberg
as Mr. Trundle
Lela Lee
as Bobbi
Crista Flanagan
as Mrs. Seiderman's Nurse
Steve Hytner
as Himself
Miriam Flynn
as Grocery Woman #2
Jane Carr
as Fran Metzger
Beth Hall
as Rabbi's Assistant
John O'Leary
as Antoinette's Dad
Amy Hill
as Psychic
Steve Rasch
as Telemarketer Voiceover
Jonathan Ames
as Nathan Stein
Seth Schultz
as Salesman
Troy McKay
as Man #3 in Bathroom
Curtis Armstrong
as Computer Guy
Skipp Sudduth
as Mister Softee Man
Aisha Tyler
as Shaq's Girlfriend
George Pesce
as Gangster No. 2
Bertha Holguin
as Mourner No. 2
Kebe Dunn
as NBC Executive #1
Carol Herman
as Mrs. Shapiro
Regan Burns
as Security Guard
Khali MacIntyre
as Bakery Counter Person
Jamie Elle Mann
as Sitcom Actor
Jamison Yang
as NBC Executive #2
Charley Rossman
as Cop No. 1
Lisa Darr
as Woman in Perfume Store
Zitto Kazann
as Mourner No. 3
Brett Gelman
as Pig Parker
Thomas Mills
as Policeman
Susan Mackin
as Graham's mother
Fred Melamed
as Dr. Thurgood
R.F. Daley
as News Anchor
Ricky Garcia
as Teammate #1
Tracy Howe
as Security Guard
Michael Aquino
as Hugh's Son
Mia Riverton
as Mr. Goodman's Assistant
Tom Dugan
as Cop No. 2
Melissa Paul
as Waitress
Tanter Lawrence
as Lakers Announcer
R. Brandon Johnson
as Man Eating Lunch
Douglas Sarine
as Cake Baker
Lilly McDowell
as Dean's Assistant
Matt Besser
as Party Guest
Eric Scott Cooper
as Dr. Schaffer's partner
Mary Pat Farrell
as Mrs. Duberstein
Ann Rollins
as Salesperson
Tanjareen Martin
as Alton's Wife
Isabella Murad
as Julia's Daughter
Ben Carroll
as Security Guard
Alice Evans
as Heather Mills Voiceover
Ken Jeong
as Man in Jersey No. 1
Charles Stevenson
as Elderly Man in Perfume Store
Monty Hoffman
as Hardware Store Clerk
Chris McGinn
as Matronly Woman
Elaine Loh
as Receptionist
Loretta Fox
as Lou's wife
John A. Gallagher
as Emily's Dad
Matt McCarthy
as Heckler #2
Robert Cameron
as Fireman #2
Amy Schumer
as Teammate #2
Matt McCarthy
as Heckler #2
Gary Craig
as Man #3
Trevor Braun
as 11-year-old Larry
Peter Grosz
as Minyan Member #2
Craig Robinson
as Attendant #1
Susan Yeagley
as Stewardess
Tennie E. Barnes
as Townsperson #1
Patrick Bristow
as Steve/Choreographer
Ken Howard
as WASPy interviewer #1
Jeffrey Dean Rosenthal
as Writer from 'Party of Five'
Jane Piper
as Receptionist
Veronica Welch
as Woman at Party
Tom Virtue
as Man with Stutter
Gerry Pineda
as Band Member
Larry Thigpen
as Handyman #2
Toshi Toda
as Sushi Chef #2
Alan Kirschenbaum
as Poker Player #1
Louisa Springs
as Nursing Home Resident
Kelvin Han Yee
as Newscaster
Timothy Brennen
as Police Detective
Robert Pine
as Ben Hogan
Pat Finn
as Car Owner
David Lee Fayram
as Townsperson #2
Teresa DePriest
as Single Woman
Andrea Piedmonte
as Restaurant Waiter
DeWayne Warren
as Kid at Party #1
Jorge Garcia
as Drug Dealer
as Nurse
Erica-Madri Alexander
as Car Alarm Guy
Ryan Yu
as Paramedic #2
Lynne Marie Stewart
as Nurse in Nat's Room
Tami Sagher
as Waitress
Jim Gleason
as Man #2 in Bathroom
Terry Halvorson
as Band Member
Victor Kobayashi
as Sushi Waiter
Julius Wilson
as Townsperson #3
James B. Sikking
as WASPy interviewer #2
Frank John Hughes
as Angry Driver
Murray Rubin
as Elderly Man
Mark Griffin
as Paramedic #1
Kimberly Page
as Doctor's Girlfriend
Steve Seagren
as Handyman
Wendall J. Yuponce
as Band Member
Curtis Brengle
as Band Member
Susan Griffiths
as Marilyn Monroe
Bea Arthur
as Larry's Mother
Dalton Brooks
as Kid at Party #3
Alexandra Korhan
as Kid at Party #2
as Oscar the Dog
Robb Skyler
as Man at Temple
Craig Cackowski
as Man #1 in Bathroom
Melissa Paull
as Waitress
David Wells
as Pharmacist
Lew Schneider
as Poker Player #3
Nicole Randall Johnson
as Omar's Receptionist
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