Critic Consensus: "Part 1" suffers from too many characters and too much exposition, but there's fun to be had in the chaos.

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A time-traveling rogue assembles a group of heroes and villains to prevent the world's destruction. In the opener, Time Master Rip Hunter puts together his diverse team to fight immortal villain Vandal Savage who is on the verge of destroying humanity in 2166.


Victor Garber
as Martin Stein
Dominic Purcell
as Mick Rory
Brandon Routh
as Ray Palmer
Wentworth Miller
as Leonard Snart
Arthur Darvill
as Rip Hunter
Franz Drameh
as Jay Jackson
Caity Lotz
as Sara Lance
Casper Crump
as Vandal Savage
Ciara Renee
as Kendra Saunders
Falk Hentschel
as Carter Hall
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Critic Reviews for Pilot, Part 1

The bigger issue is that the show feels a bit like it's forcing the characters to stay together just because we wouldn't have a show otherwise.

Jul 26, 2018 | Full Review…

The pilot isn't the worst that's graced television screens across America. There's plenty of action and laughs, but considering that it's another DC spin-off, one would think they would be able to drudge up a little more creativity.

Jul 26, 2018 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

There's a lot of possibilities for a series like this, and I'm interested to see the choices made moving forward.

Jul 26, 2018 | Full Review…

I liked Arthur Darvill. I think he did a good job as Rip Hunter. However, making Rip Hunter basically Doctor Who was an odd choice.

Jul 25, 2018 | Full Review…

Legends of Tomorrow is the most comic book TV show we've ever seen.

Jul 25, 2018 | Full Review…

At the end of the day though, kudos to the CW for creating a show that is able to nail its lofty goals, and create a series that never takes itself too seriously, all while managing to just be pure fun throughout its runtime.

Jul 25, 2018 | Full Review…

This is a promising start.

Jul 25, 2018 | Full Review…

I'm curious to see whether we'll be seeing character- or pair-centric episodes in the future; for now, to me, this proves a shaky start, even if the cast looks like they're having fun.

Jul 25, 2018 | Full Review…

Despite needing to craft an introduction out of a whole bunch of plates that were already spinning, the Legends of Tomorrow pilot feels like a breath, or rather a gust of fresh air, packing in a whole bunch of fun.

Jul 25, 2018 | Full Review…

I'm still not sold on Vandal Savage as a big bad every week for, what, ever? It seems he'll grow old after a while.

Jul 25, 2018 | Rating: 3.75/5 | Full Review…