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Al (Ian McShane) regains consciousness, but he's in bad shape. Alma (Molly Parker) learns that she's pregnant, and, feeling that Doc (Brad Dourif) has been judgmental with her, she turns to Trixie (Paula Malcomson). Alma explains that she wants children of her own, but she has a physical deformity that could endanger her life if she tried to bear a child. Trixie later upbraids Doc about his attitude, and urges him to see Alma. Samuel Fields (Franklyn Ajaye), who calls himself the "Nigger General," arrives in camp to return a horse to Hostetler (Richard Gant), and befriends Jane (Robin Weigert) over an afternoon drink. Miss Isringhausen (Sarah Paulson) tells Silas (Titus Welliver) that she fears Alma. She claims that Alma admitted to killing her husband, and named Al as her instrument. When she then asks to meet Al, Silas moans, "Why do I feel lucky we didn't meet across a poker table?" Doris (Erica Swanson) reports to Cy (Powers Boothe), who is intrigued to learn of Wolcott's (Garret Dillahunt) disturbing activities at the Chez Amis. Jarry (Stephen Tobolowsky) gives Merrick (Jeffrey Jones) a notice about the validity of the camp's gold claims to print on the front page of the paper. Merrick, recognizing that the notice will only foster more confusion about the claims (as per Jarry's intentions), decides to dissociate his paper from the notice by simply posting it outside his office. The posting gets a number of claim holders riled up. Cy stops by and offers to buy their claims, but they're more interested in seeking revenge upon the author of the statement, Jarry. Led by Steve the Drunk (Michael Harney), the mob goes after Jarry, and when Seth (Timothy Olyphant) protects the commissioner, they turn their attention elsewhere.


Timothy Olyphant
as Seth Bullock
Ian McShane
as Al Swearengen
Molly Parker
as Alma Garret
John Hawkes
as Sol Star
Anna Gunn
as Martha Bullock
Brad Dourif
as Doc Cochran
Powers Boothe
as Cy Tolliver
Robin Weigert
as Calamity Jane
W. Earl Brown
as Dan Dority
Bree Seanna Wall
as Sophia Metz
Dayton Callie
as Charlie Utter
Sean Bridgers
as Johnny Burns
Kim Dickens
as Joanie Stubbs
Josh Eriksson
as William Bullock
Peter Jason
as Con Stapleton
Leon Rippy
as Tom Nuttall
Jeffrey Jones
as A.W. Merrick
Jim Beaver
as Ellsworth
Danny Le Boyer
as Lee's Henchman
Garret Dillahunt
as Francis Wolcott
Nick Marino
as Arnie Hennick
Franklin Ajaye
as Samuel Fields
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