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A cult favorite about the journeys through the universe of a time-traveling eccentric, a cultural icon who has been portrayed by more than a half dozen actors since the show's 1963 debut on the BBC. The campy sci-fi fantasy developed an equally fanatical following when it was syndicated in the U.S. in the late 1970s, mostly on PBS.

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1989, BBC, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1988, BBC, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1987, BBC, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1986, BBC, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1985, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1984, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1983, BBC, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1982, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1980, BBC, 28 episodes

Critics Consensus: Not even the singular Douglas Adams can save Doctor Who's disappointingly drab seventh season.

1979, BBC, 20 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1978, BBC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1977, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: Tom Baker continues to redefine Doctor Who's long-term potential in a fourteenth season full of exceptional storytelling and vastly improved production values.

1976, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen prove a delightfully well-matched pair as they encounter some of the scariest creatures space has to offer.

1975, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: Despite being limited by its family oriented aspirations, Doctor Who Tom Baker brings a fresh sense of excitement in his first outing as the titular time traveler.

1974, BBC, 20 episodes

Critics Consensus: Though not Jon Pertwee's finest hour, Doctor Who's eleventh hour has its fair share of entertaining horror and acts as a fine closing chapter to the first Doctor's tenure.

1973, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1972, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: "The Sea Devils" keeps the season afloat, but "The Mutants" and "The Time Monster" drag Doctor Who's seventh season to the depths of tedium.

1972, BBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: Helmed by the wonderful Jon Pertwee, Doctor Who's eighth season introduces a formidable foe while maintaining the series' family friendly mentality.

1971, BBC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1970, BBC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1968, BBC, 44 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1967, BBC, 9 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1966, BBC, 4 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1965, BBC, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1964, BBC, 35 episodes

Critics Consensus: Though it has room to improve in terms of production values, Doctor Who's solid stories and strong sense of adventure come together to create a splendidly strange journey through space and time.

1963, BBC, 35 episodes


William Hartnell
as The Doctor
Patrick Troughton
as The Doctor
Jon Pertwee
as The Doctor
Tom Baker
as The Doctor
Peter Davison
as The Doctor
Colin Baker
as The Doctor
Carole Ann Ford
as Susan Foreman
William Russell
as Ian Chesterton
Jacqueline Hill
as Barbara Wright
Adrienne Hill
as Katarina
Jean Marsh
as Sara Kingdom
Anneke Wills
as Polly Wright
Nicholas Courtney
as Brig. Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
Caroline John
as Elizabeth Shaw
John Levene
as Sgt. John Benton
Roger Delgado
as The Master
Richard Franklin
as Capt. Mike Yates
Elisabeth Sladen
as Sarah Jane Smith
Ian Marter
as Harry Sullivan
Janet Fielding
as Tegan Jovanka
Mark Strickson
as Vislor Turlough
Peter Purves
as Steven Taylor
David Savile
as Carstairs
Michael Wisher
as John Wakefield
Michael Jayston
as The Valeyard
Keith Poyt
as Autloc
Peter Miles
as Dr. Charles Lawrence
Lorre Cossette
as Captain Maitland
Bernard Kay
as Carl Tyler
Pat Gorman
as Military Policeman
Murphy Grumbar
as Dalek Operator
John Karvey
as Professor Brett
Christopher Benjamin
as Sir Keith Gold
Cy Town
as Dalek
Valentine Dyall
as The Black Guardian
Milton Johns
as Guy Crayford
James Bree
as Security Chief
David Daker
as Irongron
John Abineri
as Gen. Carrington
John Bennett
as Gen. Finch
Terry Molloy
as Russell
Prentis Hancock
as 2nd Reporter (Jimmy)
Ric Felgate
as Roy Stone
John Alderson
as Wyatt Earp
John Ringham
as Tlotoxl
Laurence Payne
as Johnny Ringo
Kevin Lindsay
as Cmdr. Linx
Edwin Richfield
as Capt. John Hart
Norman Jones
as Maj. Baker
Max Faulkner
as Unit Soldier on Maingate
Tony Beckley
as Harrison Chase
Ian Collier
as Stuart Hyde
Ysanne Churchman
as Alpha Centauri
Louise Pajo
as Gia Kelly
David Garfield
as Von Weich
Ilona Rodgers
as Carol Richmond
Aubrey Richards
as Prof. Parry
Cyril Luckham
as Guardian
T.P McKenna
as The Captain
Alan Curtis
as Major Green
Paul Darrow
as Capt. Hawkins
Sonny Caldinez
as Ice Warrior
Philip Ray
as Eldred
Myra Frances
as Adrasta
Emrys Jones
as Master of the Land
Martin Jarvis
as Captain Hilio
Edward Brayshaw
as War Chief
Alan Rowe
as Sir Edward Fitzroy of Wessex
Terry Walsh
as Auton Policeman
Olaf Pooley
as Prof. Eric Stahlman
Roy Stewart
as Toberman
Ingrid Pitt
as Queen Galleia
Terry Scully
as Fewsham
John Arnatt
as Chancellor Borusa
Kate O'Mara
as The Rani
Donald Gee
as Eckersley
Anthony Jacobs
as Doc Holliday
Dennis Chinnery
as Albert C. Richardson
John Witty
as Computer
Peter Halliday
as Chairman Pletrac
Trevor Baxter
as Prof. George Litefoot
Nicholas Pennell
as David Winton
Michael Craze
as Ben Jackson
Alfred Lynch
as Commander Millington
Peter Jeffrey
as Count Grendel
John Woodnutt
as Duke of Forgill
Neil McCarthy
as George Barnham
Paul Shelley
as Persuasion
Peter Fraser
as Campbell
Honor Blackman
as Professor Lasky
Terence Lodge
as Commisioner Orum
Cyril Shaps
as John Viner
Nina Thomas
as Queen Thalira
Jack Watling
as Prof. Travers
Stewart Bevan
as Clifford Jones
Tina Packer
as Anne Travers
Martin Friend
as Styggron
Vera Fusek
as President of Earth
Tim Barlow
as Tyssan
Hubert Rees
as Capt. Ransom
David Graham
as Charlie
Jon Laurimore
as Count Federico
Tenniel Evans
as Maj. Daly
David Anderson
as Aztec Captain
Anne Reid
as Nurse Crane
George Pastell
as Eric Klieg
Deep Roy
as Mr. Sin
William Squire
as The Shadow
John Harvey
as Prof. Brett
William Hurndell
as Ike Clanton
Duncan Lamont
as Lt. Dan Galloway
Beatrix Lehmann
as Prof. Rumford
Peter Straker
as Cmdr. Sharrel
Frank Jarvis
as Corporal
Derek Sydney
as Sevcheria
June Murphy
as Third Officer Jane Blyth
Rick James
as Cotton
John Woodnut
as George Hibbert
Richard Easton
as Capt. Stapley
Davyd Harries
as Maj. Sharp
Barbara Murray
as Lady Cranleigh
Tomek Bork
as Captain Sorin
Susan Engel
as Vivien Fay
Clifford Rose
as Capt. Rorvik
Emrys James
as Aukon (Anthony O'Connor)
Michael Spice
as Weng-Chiang (Magnus Greel)
Ralph Watson
as Capt. Knight
Dave Carter
as Silurian
Michael Hawkins
as Gen. Williams
Graham Leaman
as Grand Marshal
Geoffrey Bateman
as Capt. Dymond
Andrew Robertson
as Mr. Fibuli
Peter Childs
as Jack Ward
Ian Saynor
as Surgeon Merak
Bernard Holley
as Peter Haydon
Joe Grieg
as Sensorite
Tony Caunter
as First Officer Morgan
Noel Coleman
as Gen. Smythe
Seymour Green
as Hargreaves
Paul Seed
as Graff Vynda-K
Dursley McLinden
as Sgt. Mike Smith
David Banks
as Cyberleader
Simon Lack
as Prof. Charles Kettering
Dallas Cavell
as Sir James Quinlan
Robert James
as High Priest
Edward Evans
as Ted Moss
Michael Barrington
as Sir Colin Thackeray
Alec Wallis
as LDG Telegraphist Bowman
Frank Windsor
as Ranulf Fitzwilliam
Julian Fox
as Lt. Peter Hamilton
Kevin McNally
as Lt. Hugo Lang
Hugh Burden
as Channing
David Banks
as Cyberleader
Robert Cawdron
as Taltalian
Llewellyn Rees
as President
Ian Hogg
as Josiah
Tommy Duggan
as Senator Alcott
John Fraser
as The Monitor
Ricco Ross
as Ringmaster
Maurice Good
as Phineas Clanton
Bill Fraser
as Gen. Grugger
Brian Glover
as Griffiths
Eileen Way
as Old Mother
George Baker
as Decider Login
Maurice Denham
as Prof. Edgeworth (Azmael)
Daphne Heard
as Martha Tyler
Geoffrey Beevers
as Pvt. Johnson
Michael Kilgarriff
as Cyberman Controller
Jeff Rawle
as Plantagenet
Clyde Pollitt
as Third Time Lord
Janet Henfrey
as Miss Hardaker
Neville Jason
as Prince Reynart
Tom Adams
as Cmdr. Vorshak
Michael Melia
as Terileptil leader
Geoff Hinsliff
as Jack Tyler
Derek Deadman
as Cmdr. Stor
Nick Hobbs
as Aggedor
Peter Czajkowski
as Sgt. Prozorov
Erik Chitty
as Coordinator Engin
Frederick Treves
as Lt. Brotadac
George Roubicek
as Capt. Hopper
Brian Ellis
as Prisoner
Ewen Solon
as Vishinsky
Joan Sims
as Katryca
Laurie Webb
as Mr. Ollis
Richard Briers
as Chief Caretaker
William Mervyn
as Sir Charles Sumner
David Cole
as Billy Clanton
Annette Woollett
as Adelaide Lesage
Eric Francis
as 1st Elder
John Rolfe
as Captain
Gerald Flood
as Kamelion
Lorne Cossette
as Captain Maitland
Philip Bond
as Ganatus
Brian Blessed
as King Ycranos
Jack Woolgar
as Staff Sgt. Arnold
Damaris Hayman
as Miss Hawthorne
Thomasine Heiner
as Miss Dawson
Noel Johnson
as Charles Grover MP
Michael McStay
as Derek Moberley
John Cater
as Prof. Krimpton
John Lee
as Alydon
Mitzi McKenzie
as Mrs. Martin
Michael Cochrane
as Lord Cranleigh
Eleanor Bron
as Gallery Visitor
Nigel Humphreys
as Lt. Bulic
Robert Glenister
as Maj. Salateen
John Breslin
as Capt. Munro
Jenny McCracken
as Claire Daley
Stevan Rimkus
as Capt. Bates
Kevin Flood
as Hermann
Paul Jerricho
as The Castellan
William Lucas
as Chief Science Officer Range
Mark Hardy
as Cyberlieutenant
T.P. McKenna
as Captain Cook
Dennis Lill
as Dr. Fendahlman
Derek Ware
as Bus Conductor
Edward Kelsey
as Slave Buyer
Mostyn Evans
as Dai Evans
Peter Glaze
as 3rd Sensorite
Ivor Salter
as Morok Commander
Alan James
as Ice Soldier
Alan Lake
as Herrick
R.J. Bell
as The Garm
Cory Pulman
as Kathleen Dudman
John Gillett
as The Gravis
Hugh Walters
as William Shakespeare
Roy Purcell
as Chief Prison Officer Powers
Anne Louise Lambert
as Enlightenment
Keith Drinkel
as Flight Eng. Roger Scobie
Peter Badger
as Roboman
Lillias Walker
as Sister Lamont
Mark Jones
as Arnold Keeler
David Brierly
as Voice of K9
Tom Sheridan
as Captain
Denis Lill
as Fendelman
Edward Burnham
as Prof. J.P. Kettlewell
Richard Steele
as Commandant Gorton
Tara Ward
as Lt. Preston
Clive Morton
as Col. George Trenchard
Sylvia Syms
as Mrs. Pritchard
John Kane
as Tommy
Martin Neil
as Lt. Maddox
Ian Talbot
as Travis
Dennis Edwards
as Centurion
Mike Mungarvan
as Dalek Operator
Paul Lavers
as Swordsman Farrah
George Cormack
as King Dalios
Michael Cashman
as 1st Officer Andrew Bilton
David Valla
as Lt. Crane
Tom Kelly
as Guard
John Gleeson
as Thal Soldier
Tom Branch
as The Lukoser (Dorf of Kanval)
Henry Woolf
as Collector
Derek Smee
as John Ransome
Richard Beale
as Bat Masterson
Marcus Hutton
as Sgt. Leigh
Ian Reddinton
as Chief Clown
Roy Boyd
as Driscoll
Kenneth Gilbert
as Richard Dunbar
Peter Bathurst
as Horatio Chinn
Martin Cochrane
as Gen. Chellak
Beryl Reid
as Capt. Briggs
Brian Miller
as Dugdale
Donald Pelmear
as Prof. John Rubeish
John Kane
as Tommy
Roger Hammond
as Francis Bacon
Karen Gledhill
as Allison Williams
Rod Beacham
as Cpl. Lane
Georgina Hale
as Daisy K.
Hamilton Dyce
as Maj. General Scobie
Simon Cain
as Silurian
Burt Kwouk
as Lin Futu
Sheena Marshe
as Kate Fisher
Morris Perry
as Capt. Dent
Elspet Gray
as Chancellor Thalia
Tim Scott
as Chima
Hans De Vries
as Cyberman
George Lee
as Cpl. Forbes
James Garbutt
as Sr. Researcher Ronson
Jay Neill
as Pikeman
Roy Pattison
as Draconian Space Pilot
Alan Judd
as Dortmun
Richard Sharp
as Earl Sigma
Neil Wilson
as Sam Seeley
Karol Hagar
as Secretary
Illario Pedro
as Kurkutiji
Aubrey Woods
as Controller of Earth Sector One
Roland Oliver
as Proctor Neman
Paul Grist
as Bill Filer
James Bate
as Amyand
Roy Holder
as Krelper
Dolores Gray
as American Tourist
Nicholas McArdle
as Leonard de Vries
Denis Cary
as Keeper
Aiden Murphy
as Hippias
John Hollis
as Sondergaard
Frank George
as 2nd Monoid
Harry Towb
as Harry Osgood
Eric Mason
as Sr. Prison Officer Green
Max Harvey
as Cardinal Zorac
Haydn Wood
as O'Hara
Keith Jayne
as Will Chandler
Philip Ryan
as Redcoat
Roy Evans
as Bert Pritchard
John Bailey
as Commander
JoAnna Ross
as Control Room Assistant
Charles Morgan
as Gold Usher
Paul Barton
as Silurian
Roy Herrick
as Parsons
Dallas Adams
as Prof. Howard Foster
James Marcus
as Peasant
June Brown
as Lady Eleanor Fitzroy
Barbara Kinghorn
as Krau Timmin
Terence Wilton
as Mark (John Crichton)
Robert Russell
as The Caber
Donald Hewlett
as Sir George Hardiman
Carl Rigg
as Varlik
Ray Barron
as Sgt. Henderson
Fulton Mackay
as Dr. John Quinn
Jim McManus
as Opthalmologist
Alibe Parsons
as Matrona Kani
Andrew Boxer
as Robin Stuart
Angus Lennie
as Angus Ferguson McRannald
Andrew Lane
as Foamasi
Simon Slater
as Edwardes
Esmond Webb
as Sgt.-Major Burns
Andrew Burt
as Valgard
Trevor Martin
as Second Time Lord
Terry Alexander
as Lord Ravensworth
John Maxim
as Frankenstein's Monster
Shane Rimmer
as Seth Harper
Mark Jones
as Krynoid
Sean Caffrey
as Palmerdale
Harold Goldblatt
as Prof. Dale
Ronald Lee
as Cyberman
Harold Innocent
as Gilbert M.
Richard Reeves
as Kaled Leader
John Owens
as Thorpe
Alastair Cumming
as Colin Frazer
Reed de Rouen
as Pa Clanton
John Hogan
as Cyberman
Sylvia Coleridge
as Amelia Ducat
Stubby Kaye
as Weissmuller
Moray Watson
as Sir Robert Muir
Rollo Gamble
as Squire Winstanley
David McKail
as Sgt. Kyle
Guy Siner
as Gen. Ravon
Ann Tirard
as Locusta
Billy Cornelius
as Morok Guard
Geoffrey Palmer
as Edward Masters
Graham Rigby
as Larry Madison
Rachel Bell
as Priscilla P.
Carl Conway
as U.S. Correspondent
David Griffin
as Lt. Cmdr. Tony Mitchell
David Simeon
as Pvt. Latimer
Louis Mahoney
as 1st Newscaster
Reginald Barratt
as Prof. Smithers
Malcolm Rogers
as Count Dracula
Hugh Spight
as Dalek Operator
Isla Blair
as Isabella Fitzwilliam
Stephen Whittaker
as Craftsman Weams
Gordon Reid
as Phillips
Mary Healey
as Killjoy
Mark Cooper
as Various Robots
Shirin Taylor
as Female Camper (Pat)
Colin Bell
as CPO Summers
Kathryn Ludlow
as Little Gir1
Jon Rollason
as Harold Chorley
Donald Sumpter
as Cmdr. Ridgeway
David Telfer
as Huntsman
Michael Walker
as 1st Radar Operator
Christopher Villiers
as Hugh Fitzwilliam
David Neal
as The President
Carmen Silvera
as Ruth (Lady Cullingford)
Gareth Milne
as The Unknown
Roy Pearce
as Cyberman
Jon Croft
as Tom Girton
Alec Sabin
as Ringway
Peter Copley
as Dr. Warlock
Martin Matthews
as Sgt. Kurster
Lee Cornes
as The Trickster
Mike Reid
as Dancer
Ray Lonnen
as Capt. Gardiner
Jack Galloway
as Sgt. Joseph Willow
Arthur Blake
as Hrhoonda
Vivienne Bennett
as Elizabeth I
Terence Bayler
as Maj. Barrington
Al Raymond
as Prondyn
Peppi Borza
as 1st Vervoid
Tony Calvin
as Dexeter
Derek Martin
as David Mitchell
Timothy Bateson
as Binro the Heretic
Glyn Owen
as Rohm Dutt
Dennis Bowen
as Prison Governor
John Acheson
as Maj. Beresford
Ahmed Khalil
as Dittar Latoni
George Campbell
as Tractator
Michael J. Jackson
as Sir Geoffrey De Lacey
Hugh Hayes
as Anithon
Brian Badcoe
as Adam (Nigel Castle)
Stephen Garlick
as Hippo Ibbotson
John Dawson
as Time Lord
David Yip
as Veldan
Tommy Wright
as Guardmaster
Lynn Gardner
as Announcer
Chris Jury
as Deadbeat
David Blake Kelly
as Captain Benjamin Briggs
Brian Forster
as Sgt. Willis
Margo Thomas
as Stall Holder
Michael Guest
as Saxon Hunter
Bernard Davies
as German Soldier
John Baskcomb
as Luigi Rossinni (Lew Russell)
Steve Morley
as Walters
Kenneth Kendall
as TV Newsreader
Hugh Morton
as Sir James Gregson
Jenny Tomasin
as Tasembeker
Derek Keller
as Kaufman
Colin McCormack
as Commander