Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989 - 1993)

Doogie Howser, M.D.

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Steven Bochco and David E. Kelley created this comedy about a 16-year-old wunderkind physician who graduated from medical school at age 14 and began his residency at an L.A. hospital. Making sure Doogie's head didn't get too big for his stethoscope were his father, also a doctor, and his friend Vinnie, who kept him apprised of all things adolescent. The young doctor's computerized diary entry closed each episode of the series, which debuted in September 1989 and ran for four seasons.

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1992, ABC, 22 episodes

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1991, ABC, 24 episodes

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1990, ABC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: Doogie Howser, M.D. may just be too plain ridiculous for viewers to take seriously, but audiences who give this pint-sized doctor a chance will be charmed by Neil Patrick Harris' disarmingly self-assured performance.

1989, ABC, 26 episodes


Neil Patrick Harris
as Dr. Douglas `Doogie' Howser
James B. Sikking
as Dr. David Howser
Belinda Montgomery
as Katherine Howser
Max Casella
as Vinnie
Lawrence Pressman
as Dr. Benjamin Canfield
Mitchell Anderson
as Dr. Jack McGuire
Kathryn Layng
as Nurse Curly Spaulding
Lisa Dean Ryan
as Wanda Plenn
Lucy Boryer
as Janine Stewart
Markus Redmond
as Raymond Alexander
Richard Fancy
as Mr. Stewart
Sherry Rooney
as Mrs. Plenn
Don Calfa
as Carmine
Bill Hudson
as Mr. Plenn
Stan Kamber
as Sullivan
David Selburg
as Dr. Michaels
Art Evans
as Jimmy
Jim McMullan
as Pierpoint
Ron Recasner
as Dr. Isaacs
Elizabeth Norm
as Mrs. Stewart
Sheila Larken
as Dr. Brown
Jeannie Elias
as Mrs. Stevens
Perrey Reeves
as Research Librarian
Gibby Brand
as Mr. Dickson
Elyssa Davalos
as Victoria Burke
Peter Kevoian
as Hotel Clerk
Dave Conrades
as Mechanic
Greg Callahan
as Dr. Goodland
Bren McKinley
as Dr. Winston
Michael Laskin
as Dr. Solomon
Gloria Henry
as Grandma Irene
Nana Visitor
as Charmagne
Ralph Manza
as Charlie
Elyse Donalson
as Dr. Forrest
Ray Abruzzo
as Dr. Angelis
Alan Fudge
as Josephson
Justin Lord
as Dr. Owens
Susan Krebs
as Zielonka
Larry Gelman
as Dr. Ramsey
Ron Canada
as Off. Scott
John Shearin
as Capt. Adams
Timothy Hughes
as Paramedic
Alan McRae
as Hollister
Leslie Danon
as Rebecca
Lincoln Kilpatrick
as Judge Bancroft
Paul Eiding
as Dr. Freeman
Anne De Salvo
as Mrs. Delpino
M.E. Loree
as Mrs. Callen
Joe Seneca
as Blind Otis Lemon
Heather McAdam
as Nursing Student
Steve Eastin
as Stage Guard
Barry Michlin
as Dr. Kagan
Carol Bruce
as Hypochondriac
Jay Gerber
as Dr. Greenberg
Robin Lively
as Michele
Linda Klein
as Nurse Klein
Patrick Cronin
as Dr. Horschlauer
Una Damon
as Soon Lee
Eli Rich
as Sgt. Fogle
Miguel Sandoval
as Dr. Montgomery
Scanlon Gail
as Dr. Stoessl
Art LaFleur
as Crandall
Jeff East
as Mr. Fukes
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Mickling
Arlene Malinowski
as Dr. Montanya
Eve Brenner
as Mrs. Claybourne
Apollo Dukakis
as Dr. Andrews
Carol Ann Susi
as Madame Dorina
James Morrison
as Mr. Stevens
Beth Hogan
as Amelia
Joe Baker
as Professor
Max Gail
as Harold
Allen Williams
as Dr. Brickman
Mary Ann Oedy
as Nurse Goodbody
Anne Haney
as Mrs. Morgan
Josh Wolford
as Little Doogie
Wayne Powers
as Alarm Salesman
John Ingle
as Dr. Meyerson
Arthur Rosenberg
as Dr. Haigney
Penelope Windust
as Dr. Fields
Kit Flanagan
as Shopper
Cynthia Mann
as Waitress
David Trim
as Customer
Tawny Little
as Herself
Joshua Karton
as Dr. Wingate
Paul Kent
as Mr. Leonetti
Dax Biagas
as Weasel
Tisha Putnam
as Film Student
Freda Foh Shen
as Dr. Koufman
Matthew Boyett
as Young Doogie
Carlease Burke
as Paramedic
Cindy Friedl
as Customer
Will Cascio
as Soldier
Paul Lambert
as Spaulding's Dad
Ryan Holihan
as Yard-Sale Customer
Doug Cox
as Banta
Anne Lockhart
as Mrs. Hollister
Lee Brooks
as Paramedic
Jenny Jones
as Herself
Victoria Racimo
as Mrs. Diaz
William Woff
as Dr. Sims
Robert Balderson
as Businessman
Lucy Boyer
as Janine
Toni Herkert
as Actress
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 19, 1989
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Stephen Cragg, Linda Morris, Vic Rauseo, Steven Bochco
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