Elementary: Season 3 (2014 - 2015)


Season 3

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Elementary's third season leverages the estrangement between Sherlock and Joan to further explore both characters, proving that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's creations still have room to grow.



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Air date: Oct 30, 2014
Air date: Nov 6, 2014
Air date: Nov 13, 2014
Air date: Nov 20, 2014
Air date: Nov 27, 2014
Air date: Dec 4, 2014
Air date: Dec 11, 2014
Air date: Dec 18, 2014
Air date: Jan 8, 2015
Air date: Jan 15, 2015
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Jonny Lee Miller returns as Sherlock Holmes, the world's most famous consulting detective, in Season 3 of the crime series. The drama begins when Holmes returns to New York City with a new apprentice, Kitty Winter (Ophelia Lovibond), and a renewed interest in working with the NYPD after being fired by London's MI6. Unfortunately, Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), the NYPD's new go-to private investigator, must give her approval first before Sherlock can resume consulting for the department. As for Kitty, she assists Sherlock on cases but she struggles with a dark secret from her past that comes back to haunt her present. And speaking of the past, Holmes is implicated in the murder of a woman who was killed during the height of his drug addiction. Aidan Quinn and Jon Michael Hill also star.


Jonny Lee Miller
as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu
as Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn
as Tommy Gregson
Jon Michael Hill
as Det. Marcus Bell
Ophelia Lovibond
as Kitty Winter
Raza Jaffrey
as Andrew Paek
Jordan Gelber
as M.E. Hawes
Ato Essandoh
as Alfredo Llamosa
Liza J. Bennett
as Hannah Gregson
Michael Weston
as Oscar Rankin
Gina Gershon
as Allison March
Brian George
as Santhosh Mittal
Jeremy Cohenour
as Brandon Falcheck
Afton Williamson
as Monica Scott
Freda Foh Shen
as Mary Watson
Sutton Foster
as Tara Parker
Joseph Cross
as Petros Franken
Sonya Walger
as Julianne Sims
Rafi Silver
as Amit Hattengatti
Mamie Gummer
as Margaret Bray
Patch Darragh
as Griffin Parker
Candis Cayne
as Ms. Hudson
Alicia Witt
as Dana Powell
Julien Seredowych
as Galen Barrow
Andrew Dolan
as Miles Polano
Zuzanna Szadkowski
as Miranda Jantzen
Patrick Breen
as Vance Ford
Adam Chanler-Berat
as Brady Dietz
Gary Wilmes
as Robert Barclay
Jason Kolotouros
as Agitated Man
Christian Camargo
as Chris Santos
Ben Livingston
as Coleman Gregg
Tom Costello
as Terrence Resnick
Roslyn Ruff
as Agent Branch
Eric Bogosian
as Collin Eisely
Tony Crane
as Everett Keck
Chris McGarry
as Vince Boden
Eric Schweig
as Leon Moody
P.J. Sosko
as Simon de Merville
Anastasia Griffith
as Agatha Spurrell
Madison Riley
as Courtney Stever
Jessica Blank
as Tabitha Laird
Michael Cumpsty
as Arlen Schrader
Condola Rashad
as Melinda Yee
Jon David Casey
as Conrad Woodbine
Chandler Williams
as Vernon Joseph
Devin Ratray
as Gordon Meadows
Tammy Blanchard
as Violet de Merville
Edward Baker-Duly
as D.I. Davies
Steve Routman
as Mr. Briggs
Fisher Stevens
as Marty Ward
Susan Misner
as Loretta Nichols
Rich Sommer
as Harlan Emple
Michael DeMello
as Dana Kazmir
Skipp Sudduth
as William Ziff
Kevin O'Rourke
as Deputy Commissioner Pat
Brennan Brown
as Kevin Elspeth
Zak Orth
as Gabe Coleman
Amy Hargreaves
as Jill Horowitz
Lorraine Velez
as Claudia Sandoval
Brenda Pressley
as Estella Llamosa
Kate Hodge
as Karen Lutz
John Rothman
as Elias Openshaw
Tom Bloom
as Executive Director
Jason Pendergraft
as Freddy Duncan
Lucy Owen
as Rachel Carter
Arian Moayed
as Yusuf Al Shamsi
Louis Cancelmi
as Ben Reynolds
Richard Brooks
as Det. Demps
Mark Margolis
as Abraham Misraki
Kate Jennings Grant
as Lydia Guerrero
Dakin Matthews
as James Connaughton
Katie Finneran
as Barbara Conway
Katrina Lenk
as Sonia Horvat
Anita Gillette
as Claire Renziger
Jacob Pitts
as Paul Ladesma
Cynthia Kerr
as Leslie Hendrix
Harris Doran
as Superintendent
Leslie Silva
as ATF Agent Hernan
Terry Serpico
as Wallace Turk
Glenn Fleshler
as Trey McCann
Daniel Abeles
as Leonard Oosthuizen
Shezi Sardar
as Casey Hatem
Peter Jay Fernandez
as Samuel Cardenas
Aaron Serotsky
as Det. McShane
Madeline Weinstein
as Allie Newmeyer
Christopher Innvar
as Grant Perryman
Andre Ward
as Bobby Alacqua
Kevin Geer
as Raymond Carpenter
Grace Rex
as Ashley Medina
Anthony Gaskins
as Donovan Gaines
William Pullen
as Caleb Hill
Michael Kostroff
as Perry Franklin
Patrick Page
as Jonathan Bloom
Liv Rooth
as Sharon Tavener
Brian Lee Huynh
as Brett Won
Gene Farber
as Janko Stepovic
Paul Urcioli
as Jonah Chait
Erik Heger
as Cory Evans
Danny Boushebel
as Rashid Musharakh
Danaya Esperanza
as Woman at Support Group
Luke Robertson
as Louis Carlisle
Julia Murney
as Gayle Wolper
Tim McGeever
as Resident
Natalie Gold
as Sarah Penley
Halley Feiffer
as Ellen Rabin
Robert Mammana
as Niko Buros
Olivia Nikkanen
as Tess Jantzen
Matthew Saldivar
as Neil Kopecky
Roger Rathburn
as Defense Attorney
Joe Grifasi
as Captain Moretti
Tom Mardirosian
as Artem Dedekian
Murphy Guyer
as Det. Whitaker
Shawn T. Andrew
as ESU Officer
Michael McCormick
as Gary Weissman
Bill English
as Eric Frazier
Marianne Ferrari
as Gwen McCann
Peter Benson
as Blake Tanner
Julienne Hanzelka Kim
as Shauna Milius
Cherelle Cargill
as Officer Sanders
David Carranza
as Uniform Cop
Stan Demidoff
as TARU Detective
Zoe Winters
as Mahra Kemp
Tyler Lansing Weaks
as Officer Hayes
Nadia Dajani
as Dr. Grannis
Marcy Harriell
as Yolanda Massee
Bill Winkler
as Robert Ballard
Anastasia Barzee
as Erin Chatworth
Felix Solis
as Prentice Gutierrez
Maceo Oliver
as Nassau County Uni
Robert Eli
as Ron Davis
Fred Arsenault
as Building Manager
Sarah Bolt
as Maggie Halpern
Amy Morse
as Receptionist
Derek Grabner
as Chris Stotz
John Horton
as The Nose
Edward Chin-Lyn
as Prison Guard
Sarah Quinn
as Assistant
Ed Moran
as Detective
Susan Pourfar
as Emily Hankins
Kate Arrington
as Sally Holder
Lohrasp Kansara
as Nadim Al-Haj
Andrea Syglowski
as Sarah Jacoby
Craig Wroe
as Dana's Lawyer
Stuart Zagnit
as Josef Shapiro
Rajesh Bose
as Officer Doud
Roe Hartrampf
as Bartender
Eshan Bay
as Roommate
Lisa Emery
as Mrs. Barnes
Geoff Wigdor
as Charlie Riggs
Wallace Smith
as ESU Officer #1
Thomas Schall
as Jay Wirth
Corey Patrick
as Sergeant
Lewis Cleale
as Dan Kramer
Bob Ari
as Jeweler
Wallace Smith
as ESU Officer #1
Jessica Diaz
as Maria Gutierrez
Dana Berger
as Paramedic
Martin La Platney
as Darryl Ghent
Matt Loney
as Impound Cop
Keira Keeley
as Guitar Woman
Nathan Hinton
as Head of Security
Frank Vlastnik
as Handwriting Expert
David Harris
as Custodian
Ken Marks
as Moderator
Mia Ellis
as Receptionist
Moti Margolin
as Henry Wilseck
Sean Phillips
as Team Leader
Kevin Morrow
as Det. Bailey
Margaret Daly
as Secretary
Danny McCarthy
as Det. Nash
Melissa Miller
as Woman in Blue Leather Jacket
Siraj Huda
as Mr. Iyengar
Rebecca Hirota
as Receptionist
John Noble
as Mr. Holmes
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News & Interviews for Elementary: Season 3

Critic Reviews for Elementary Season 3

All Critics (14) | Top Critics (4)

Season 3 is not more of the same, or a throwback to the show's best work, but instead a display of actual growth and a willingness to try new directions.

Nov 29, 2018 | Full Review…

It's a solid outing, corpsicles and all.

Jan 26, 2018 | Full Review…

"A sickening means to a sickening end." Boy did those words echo loudly throughout the season finale of Elementary on Thursday night.

Oct 27, 2017 | Full Review…

As the season progressed, Kitty did indeed grow on me, and I started to very much enjoy her interactions with the other characters. I felt she added something positive to the team dynamic, such as it was at the time.

Dec 21, 2018 | Full Review…

The writers did quite an impressive job snowballing me with red herrings and white noise.

Apr 30, 2018 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

Well, it's a start.

Oct 27, 2017 | Full Review…

I turn to the idea of Sherlock's subtle dismantling of his sobriety system as Sherlock easing off the grind for a way to really accept the relapse as the culmination of Sherlock's arc this season.

Aug 22, 2017 | Full Review…

As a televised entity, Elementary appears to be firing on all cylinders with a reimagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work that's probably in a truer spirit than any that have come before (or since).

Mar 27, 2017 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

[Kitty and Watson's] slow, tentative bonding over the next few episodes is one of the most intriguing elements of Elementary's unusual and potentially risky new direction.

Apr 6, 2016 | Full Review…

Kudos to Elementary - you did well, IMHO. It will be interesting to see what direction the remaining episodes go in, and what the next plotline set-up will be.

Jan 30, 2015 | Full Review…

Elementary has clearly defined its new circumstances, showing the audience Joan has moved on from Sherlock and is operating on her own with Gregson, Bell, and the NYPD.

Oct 31, 2014 | Full Review…

While other Holmes/Watson incarnations focus Watson being a friend, medic, and put-upon backup, Elementary has elevated the character into someone with loftier aspirations.

Oct 31, 2014 | Rating: 8.2/10 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Elementary: Season 3

  • Oct 23, 2015
    New mysteries are afoot in the third season of Elementary. Picking up several months after the Season 2 finale, Holmes returns from London with a new protégée, Kitty Winter, after a failed stint with MI6. Ophelia Lovibond is especially good as Kitty, and brings a fun new energy to the show. And, Gina Gershon guest stars in an interesting multi-episode arc as a nemesis for Watson. Some of the cases-of-the-week are a little stale, but the character development for Holmes and Watson is incredibly compelling; as Holmes begins to truly care about his colleagues and Watson becomes more independent and self-reliant. While Season 3 of Elementary spicens up the show's formula a bit, it still remains as entertaining and full of intrigue as ever.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 16, 2017
    I'm going to go out on a limb here and, at the risk of upsetting many many people, I'm going to assert that Elementary is better than Sherlock. Sherlock has some very memorable moments, but as far as consistently intriguing, intelligent and well-written telly goes, Elementary is pretty much spot on
  • Jan 26, 2017
    This season, watch as Elementary appeals to a new target demographic: teenagers with temper issues. The series transcends into reality as you put on your detective hat and find a new show to watch!
  • Sep 07, 2016
    This season actually starts to get heavy handed about pushing agendas toward the end. It's usually just a minor comment that some light research would have corrected. But it does get in the way of the story sometimes. The prison episode was probably the most guilty of this by way of having the characters monologue at the camera about the dangers of private prisons ad nauseum. I don't agree with for-profit prisons either, but the way they went about it sucked all the believability from the episode, opting to drive their point home instead of telling a story. That and some of Holmes' periodic outbursts are factually incorrect and had he done the cursory amount of research that such strong emotional convictions should reflect, he would have been forced to change his opinions. But we're not dinging the fictional character, just the proselytizing writers.
  • Aug 27, 2015
    Thankfully they got rid of Rhys Ifans and focused on Holmes and Watson's friendship, which is what makes this show work. Didn't like Kitty initially but she became a welcome addition and I regretted her leaving. Was also glad when Watson finally stopped fighting her calling and moved back in with Holmes. Some of the episodes got a bit too intricate in their plots concerning corporations and greed -- sometimes a crime of passion is much more interesting. But the last episode was great and I'm looking forward to the next season and the arrival of Holmes Snr.
  • Apr 03, 2015
    When you thought there could be no more "freshness" to the Holmes interpretation, Elementary shines. This version of Holmes is more human than the rest.
  • Mar 12, 2015
    Perhaps one of the best crime shows I've seen in years. Makes a change to see a crime drama where the leading characters don't end up in each other's bed and where we see characters who both contribute to their relationship in a very different but complimentary way. A great show indeed!
  • Feb 13, 2015
    The character dynamics and larger plot lines are absolutely flawless, and they still manage to balance that with keeping each self contained episode at top quality. The balance they strike between emotional content and proper mystery solving is the best i've ever seen, and you can tell the writers put a lot of effort and care into making each character their own individual rather than a big bag of tropes
  • Feb 05, 2015
    This show encompasses the best features of a great detective show. The crimes are out there, but are so complex and brilliant. When watching, I honestly believe that I am learning how to be a detective as well. Those who criticize the show by comparing it to "Sherlock" are being way too critical. I love both shows, and even though they centre around the same character, they bring in their own flair.
  • Feb 05, 2015
    House Withdrawal (17 May 2013) A testy, emotionally detached, contentious, problem-solving genius, analytical to a fault, and hampered with substance abuse issues. Could Elementary be a House alternative? I keep tuning into this show hoping it will work out all its bugs but watching it always turns out to be a frustrating experience. This Sherlock Holmes is no Dr. House. I can tolerate the fact that he's not as compelling, admirably eccentric, or as easy to sympathize with. That there's a dour, dingy atmosphere that permeates the entire production (seriously, can't someone clean a window in his home?). That the chemistry between Sherlock and his female Watson is unsettling yet absent of any absorbing tension. (Remember the enticing sexual tension between Gregory House and Alison Cameron the first few seasons of House M.D.? Well there's nothing even remotely like it here.) The real problem I have with this show is with the writing. Specifically, the preposterous deductions and improbable likelihood of Sherlock's reasoning. House M.D. took on some far-fetched and puzzling medical conditions but they were always on the imaginable side of reality. Each episode of Elementary sets up a complex and ambitious plotting that is never air-tight and simply disregards the leaks, hoping, I guess, that the audience isn't paying that much attention anyway. The final episodes with Irene "Moriarty" Adler, for example, blows enormous holes in the entire narrative. This time the defective mouse-trap is pieced together by Adler (played wonderfully by Natalie Dormer) who conspires to get rich by preventing Macedonia from joining the EU by having a diplomat killed by a guy named Narwhal by kidnapping Narwhal's daughter. Yet Adler already employs the diplomat's fraudulent bodyguard. She could have him efficiently killed at any time without all the extravagant and redundant third-party schemes. This isn't just a small gap in the structural soundness of the script that can be easily overlooked. How can an audience appreciate a series founded on the legendary detective and crime-story archetypes when the contemporary treatment is slight and undeveloped, and the stories are all bloated and ragged, fishy and far-fetched? But you know, I'll keep watching it, hoping someday it will mature into something a little more House-worthy. Hint: Try writing backwards. Update: I stopped watching halfway through the 2nd season premiere. No one on this show, least of all the prickly, arrogant genius himself, looks like they're having any fun. Case closed.

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