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Into That Good Night


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Greene (Anthony Edwards) tries to find a heart transplant for a seriously ill business contractor (Alan Rosenberg) who has already resigned himself to his impending death. Ross (George Clooney) comes to the aid of an asthmatic teenager whose parents can't afford the necessary medication. Greene's wife, Jenn (Christine Harnos), moves out of their home. And Carter (Noah Wyle) worries that his fling with Liz (Liz Vassey) may have exposed him to a sexually transmitted disease. This episode was originally slated to air on October 6, 1994.


Anthony Edwards
as Mark Greene
George Clooney
as Douglas Ross
Sherry Stringfield
as Susan Lewis
Eriq La Salle
as Peter Benton
Julianna Margulies
as Carol Hathaway
Noah Wyle
as John Carter
Denise Hernandez
as Arabella Suarez
Cathy Lind Hayes
as Elaine Gasner
Rachael Bella
as Sarah Gasner
Sam Anderson
as Dr. Jack Kayson
Alan Rosenberg
as Sam Gasner
John Terry
as Dr. Div Cvetic
Christine Harnos
as Jennifer Greene
Kimberly Scott
as Sandy's Mother
Scott Jaeck
as Dr. Steve Flint
Juney Smith
as Lindner
John LaMotta
as Ivan Gregor
Helen Brown
as Mrs. Fadem
Dawn Gardner
as Sandy Rochon
Rick Marzan
as Camacho
Brenda Strong
as Sally Niemeyer
Thomas Milan
as Randy Niemeyer
Mark Leahy
as Orderly
Jan Savitar
as Daniel Quinn
Emily Wagner
as Pickman
Yvonne Zima
as Rachel Greene
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