If I Should Fall From Grace


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Corday desperately searches for whoever is secretly murdering her elderly patients, implicating her. Greene must deal with overstressed Corday and unruly Rachel (recurring guest star HALLEE HIRSH), who is in trouble at school. Benton reluctantly agrees to a paternity test to prove he's really Reese's father. Carter copes with disappointing news regarding his ailing but headstrong grandmother, Millicent (recurring guest star FRANCES STERNHAGEN), who still intends to live an active life--even if it kills her. Carter and Lewis treat a young, self-abusing woman, Grace (BELLAMY YOUNG), who has been cutting herself. A brilliant and inquisitive new fourth-year medical student, Michael Gallant (recurring guest star SHARIF ATKINS), impresses the curious staff. Although resentful, Abby comforts new staffer Nicole (recurring guest star JULIE DELPY) after a traumatic event. Series star LAURA INNES (Dr. Kerry Weaver) directs.


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