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In the overburdened emergency room of Chicago's County General Hospital, a Level One Trauma Center and teaching hospital, the difference between life and death often rests on split-second decisions. As a third-year resident, former nurse Dr. Abby Lockhart continues to assert her authority and responsibility in the emergency room, but the stress and complications of raising a child cause a rift between her and Attending Physician Dr. Luka Kovac. Chief of Staff Dr. Kerry Weaver remains a tough and determined hospital administrator who finds herself at a personal crossroads as she tries to strike a balance between her life as a doctor and the life she now wants as a woman and a mother. Nurse Sam Taggart tries to be a good mother to her own son, who is acting out as a result of his traumatic life.

Cast & Crew

Goran Visnjic
Dr. Luka Kovac
Maura Tierney
Abby Lockhart
Mekhi Phifer
Dr. Gregory Pratt
Parminder Nagra
Dr. Neela Rasgotra
Linda Cardellini
Nurse Samantha Taggart
Scott Grimes
Dr. Archie Morris
Laura Innes
Dr. Kerry Weaver
Michael Weston
Rafe Hendricks
Dominic Janes
Alex Taggart
Leland Orser
Dr. Lucien Dubenko
Amy Aquino
Dr. Janet Coburn
Abraham Benrubi
Jerry Markovic
Estelle Harris
Mrs. Markovic
Laura Cerón
Nurse Chuny Marquez
Troy Evans
Frank Martin
Christopher Chulack
Executive Producer
Michael Crichton
Executive Producer
David Zabel
Executive Producer
John Wells
Executive Producer
R. Scott Gemmill
Executive Producer
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