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Simon (Sean Maher) is trying to explain to Kaylee (Jewel Staite), who's obviously smitten with him, that he does indeed use swear words, when it's "appropriate." They're interrupted by a commotion, which turns out to be Jayne (Adam Baldwin) trashing the infirmary, looking for some tape, so he can strap a gun to his belly. Turns out their next job is in Canton, where guns are forbidden. Mal (Nathan Fillion) insists that they obey this rule, despite Jayne's worries. Jayne has been to Canton before, and thinks he may have an enemy or two waiting there for him. Kaylee suggests that Simon come along on the trip, leaving Book (Ron Glass) to look after River (Summer Glau). Mal knows the only way they'll be able to pick up the goods they're supposed to deliver is by posing as buyers of the planet's clay, and since Simon is the only one on Serenity who looks moneyed, Mal agrees to bring him along. Canton turns out to be a smelly, dirty, impoverished place, where the clay workers, mostly indentured servants, are treated like chattel. The local magistrate, Higgins (Gregory Itzin), has contracted the services of Inara (Morena Baccarin) to deflower his 26-year-old son. To the shock of the Serenity crew, including the man himself, there's a statue of Jayne in the middle of Canton, and the workers sing his praises in the tavern -- all because on his last visit, Jayne was forced to dump the loot he stole from Higgins over the town as he made his escape. While Jayne confusedly basks in his misguided glory, Higgins plots revenge. Meanwhile back on the ship, River tells Book that his Bible is "broken," -- filled with "contradictions" and "false statistics," -- and she's taken the liberty of "fixing" it.

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