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Freaks and Geeks Season 1

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After she smashes up her father's car, Lindsay (Linda Cardellini) extricates herself from the Freak clique, deciding that she's better off with her former best friend, Millie (Sarah Hagen), and the rest of the prim and proper Mathletes. As Lindsay buries herself in her studies, obsessively prepping for the group's imminent math-off with a rival high school, the remaining Freaks begin questioning their own life ambitions -- however minimal they may be. Meanwhile, Sam (John Daley) and the Geeks, after careful analysis of high school dating patterns, come to the conclusion that feathered hair and polyester clothes are the way to a young woman's heart. But when Sam follows through on Joe Jackson's missive to "look sharp," he finds out he's in for a long, long day at McKinley High.

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