My Three Suns


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When Hermes threatens to stop paying him if he doesn't get to work, Bender becomes the ship's cook. The crew has to make a delivery on Trisol 3 in the Galaxy of Terror. When Fry has to walk through the heat of the three suns in order to deliver a package, he gets thirsty and drinks a strange blue liquid. The liquid turns out to be the leader of a race of liquid aliens who make Fry their new leader and force him to recite an oath. That evening, the leader in Fry's stomach commands that they kill Fry in order to get him out. Leela comes up with a plan to beat him up until he cries, thereby draining out the liquid alien leader.


Billy West
as Fry/Prof. Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg
Katey Sagal
as Leela
John DiMaggio
as Bender
John DiMaggio
as Bender
Phil LaMarr
as Hermes Conrad
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