Put Your Head on My Shoulders


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When Amy takes Fry for a spin around Mercury in her new car, they run out of fuel and wind up starting a romance just in time for Valentine's Day. Because they work at the same place, Fry thinks Amy is smothering him and he wants to break up. Just as he is about to tell her that it's over, they get into a serious car accident and his head is transferred onto Amy's body. Meanwhile, Bender has started up a computer dating service and both Leela and Fry sign up for it. Amy goes out with Gary for Valentine's Day while Leela and Fry meet their match-ups from Bender's dating service. The dates turn out to be a disaster because Bender just took everyone's money and picked up random people at the bus station. Dr. Zoidberg eventually puts Fry's head back on his own body.


Billy West
as Fry/Prof. Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg
Katey Sagal
as Leela
John DiMaggio
as Bender
John DiMaggio
as Bender
Phil LaMarr
as Hermes Conrad
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