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Samantha, a cheerful freelance journalist, and Jay, an up-and-coming chef from the city, throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to convert a huge run-down country estate they inherited into a bed and breakfast -- only to find it's inhabited by the many spirits of deceased residents. The departed souls are a close-knit, eclectic group that includes a saucy Prohibition-era lounge singer, a pompous 1700's Militiaman, a '60s hippie fond of hallucinogens and an overly upbeat '80s scout troop leader. If the spirits were anxious about the commotion a renovation and B&B will create in their home, it's nothing compared to when they realize Samantha is the first live person who can see and hear them.

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Rose McIver
Joe Port
Executive Producer
Joe Wiseman
Executive Producer
Mathew Baynton
Executive Producer
Jim Howick
Executive Producer
Simon Farnaby
Executive Producer
Laurence Rickard
Executive Producer
Ben Willbond
Executive Producer
Martha Howe-Douglas
Executive Producer
Alison Carpenter
Executive Producer
Debra Hayward
Executive Producer
Alison Owen
Executive Producer
Angie Stephenson
Executive Producer
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