Make Me Lose Control


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Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) open the episode by cryin' the blues over getting romantically involved with their control-freak bosses. Back at Seattle Grace, Meredith's mom Ellis (Kate Burton), a brilliant surgeon struck down by Alzheimer's, is treated for diverticulitis--which unexpectedly becomes the catalyst for several revelations on the part of several secret lovers. Cristina resists the notion of telling Burke (Isaiah Washington) that she is pregnant, but this becomes a moot point when she collapses in the surgery room and Addison (Kate Walsh) is forced to perform an emergency operation. A young female patient (Angela Goethels) who suffers from uncontrollable blushing finds herself in the middle of a few interdepartmental intrigues. And George (T.R. Knight) is finally able to get the best of the insufferable Alex (Justin Chambers) when he is handed an unusally difficult assignment.


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