Gunpowder: Miniseries Reviews

December 21, 2017
The conspirators' efforts may have come to naught, but the efforts of Bennett, Harington and his co-stars do justice to their history.
December 19, 2017
Gunpowder is less an entertainment than it is a curious, one-off attack on the entire genre of period-piece drama.
December 18, 2017
While historically accurate, that doesn't make Gunpowder a picnic to watch, or do enough to flesh out the characters.
December 18, 2017
The biggest issue with Gunpowder, though, is that it's dominated by excessively talky scenes that often unfold in hushed tones and undercut the urgency of what's happening.
December 18, 2017
Mr. Bennett's script, while it delineates the issues, doesn't make us care about the people involved. Even capable actors like Mr. Gatiss, Peter Mullan and Shaun Dooley can't make their characters much more than Classics Illustrated cutouts.
December 18, 2017
The results are entertaining enough (the writing from Ronan Bennett and directing from J Blakeson has a fluidity to it that never makes you check the time) and the cast certainly delivers.
Top Critic
December 18, 2017
A gluepot of a miniseries with good actors and no pulse.
December 15, 2017
This depiction of history from the perspective of the powerless fails to spark.
Full Review | Original Score: B-
December 14, 2017
In an age in which thin stories are often stretched on the rack to produce 10 or 13 hours, Gunpowder lives fast, dies young, and doesn't overstay its welcome.
November 13, 2017
Kit Harington may have been the presumptive star of Gunpowder, but really this classy reimagining of the 1605 plot was about giving some of our finest character actors the platform to do their thing.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
October 23, 2017
It's certainly historically fascinating, and genuine, in language as well. Potent and gripping too, it doesn't feel like remedial homework at all.