The Kids Aren't All Right


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Raylan tries to help a young friend out of a jam. Meanwhile, Boyd struggles to free Ava from jail.


Timothy Olyphant
as Raylan Givens
Nick Searcy
as Art Mullen
Jacob Pitts
as Tim Gutterson
Erica Tazel
as Rachel Brooks
Joelle Carter
as Ava Crowder
Walton Goggins
as Boyd Crowder
Michael Rapaport
as Darryl Crowe Jr.
Jere Burns
as Wynn Duffy
James Le Gros
as Wade Messer
Sam Anderson
as Lee Paxton
Xander Berkeley
as Charles Monroe
Kaitlyn Dever
as Loretta McCready
Rick Gomez
as David Vasquez
Shashawnee Hall
as Ed Kirkland
Damon Herriman
as Dewey Crowe
Don R. McManus
as Billy "Wildman" Geist
Amy Smart
as Alison Brander
Mickey Jones
as Rodney "Hotrod" Dunham
William Gregory Lee
as Sheriff Nick Mooney
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