Knots Landing (1979 - 1993)

Knots Landing

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Release Date: 1979

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The desperate housewives of Wisteria Lane have nothing on the characters in this "Dallas" spinoff, which saw recovering alcoholic Gary Ewing and his wife, Valene, settling into a Southern California cul-de-sac to escape the dirty dealings back home in Texas. Gary worked for car dealer Sid Fairgate, whose wife, Karen, became one of Valene's best friends. Sid's recently divorced sister, Abby Cunningham, stirred things up when she moved into the neighborhood with her two children and promptly starting wrecking marriages. Other characters who played prominent roles were Val's mother, Lilimae Clements, and powerful state senator Gregory Sumner and sex kitten Paige Matheson.

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Cast & Crew

Ted Shackelford
Gary Ewing
Joan Van Ark
Valene Ewing Gibson Waleska
Don Murray
Sid Fairgate
Michele Lee
Karen Fairgate MacKenzie
John Pleshette
Richard Avery
Constance McCashin
Laura Avery Sumner
Kim Lankford
Ginger Ward
Claudia Lonow
Diana Fairgate
Donna Mills
Abby Cunningham Ewing Sumner
Robert Jayne
Brian Cunningham
Tonya Crowe
Olivia Cunningham Dyer
Julie Harris
Lilimae Clements
Kevin Dobson
M. "Mack" Patrick MacKenzie
Harry E. Northup
Wayne Harkness
Lisa Hartman
Ciji Dunne
William Devane
Gregory Sumner
Danielle Brisebois
Mary-Francis Sumner
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Dec 20, 1979
Genre: Romance
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