Subterranean Homeboy Blues


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In a fictionalized replay of the Bernhard Goetz incident, former dancer Laura di Biasi (Cynthia Nixon), a white woman, is arrested after shooting two black youths on a subway. Di Biasi claims that she was acting in self defense, but Assistant D.A. Robinette (Richard Brooks), himself an African-American, suspects that the woman had a hidden agenda. This not only leads to a racially charged murder trial, but also considerable friction between Robinette and his partner Stone (Michael Moriarty). (Trivia note: Guest star Cynthia Nixon and Law & Order regular Chris Noth later starred together on the HBO sitcom Sex and the City.)


George Dzundza
as Det. Max Greevey
Chris Noth
as Det. Mike Logan
Michael Moriarty
as ADA Ben Stone
Richard Brooks (VI)
as ADA Paul Robinette
Dann Florek
as Capt. John Cragen
Cynthia Nixon
as Former Dancer
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