The Reaper's Helper


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A victim of AIDS is murdered, and detectives Greevey (George Dzundza) and Logan (Chris Noth) collar a suspect who may have been responsible for a string of killings in the gay community. The suspect claims that he is an "angel of mercy," putting AIDS sufferers out of their misery. Reluctantly, assistant D.A.'s Stone (Michael Moriarty) and Robinette (Richard Brooks) take the case to court, operating upon the theory that the killer was nothing more than a homicidal homophobe.


Michael Moriarty
as ADA Ben Stone
Richard Brooks (VI)
as ADA Paul Robinette
Charlotte Moore
as DeBakey
Tom Signorelli
as Anthony Holland
Barbara Andres
as Mrs. Holland
Steven Gilborn
as Judge Greenbaum
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