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A "deadbeat dad" is found murdered in a hotel room. The suspects include the victim's embittered father-in-law Max Schaffer (Val Avery) and two women in the dead man's life. Ultimately the prosecution of the case boils down to jury sympathy for a long-suffering and arguably justified perpetrator -- not to mention a terminal leukemia patient.


Benjamin Bratt
as Det. Reynaldo Curtis
Carey Lowell
as ADA Jamie Ross
Jerry Stiller
as Sam Pokras
Deborah Hedwall
as Arlene Webber
Abby Lewis
as Mrs. Mills
Renee Props
as Victoria Lewis
Vincent Pastore
as Jimmy Pogosian
Val Avery
as Max Schaeffer
Tamara Tunie
as Caroline Bennett
Nick Sandow
as Pete Pogosian
Scott Sowers
as Joe Kirby
Barbara Eda-Young
as Betsy Graves
Zachary Kady
as Billy Webber
Jerry Mayer
as Leon Storch
O.L. Duke
as Jackson
Larry Sherman
as Arraignment Judge Fraser
Paul Urcioli
as Bellman
Jim Frangione
as Det. Scapelli
Mark Casella
as Det. Doyle
David Healy
as Mr. Reynolds
Joyce O'Connor
as Mrs. Reynolds
J. Evan Bonifant
as Joey Reynolds
Emily Colt
as Cheryl Reynolds
Mike Dowling
as Bailiff
Elaine Tse
as Dr. Chan
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