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A high school girl is beaten to death, and it looks as if a neo-fascist youth group is responsible. Conventional wisdom is to prosecute the teens who actually committed the crime. But assistant D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) aims his sights a bit higher (or, perhaps, lower) by going after Tom Willis (Michael Cumptsy), the adult white supremacist who fomented the violence.


Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
Michael Cumpsty
as Tom Willis
Larry Clarke
as Lamotte
Jonathan Hogan
as Latimer
Paul Dawson
as Derek Harlan
Anna Belknap
as Jessica Buell
Joshua Harto
as Peter Stymons
Ted Kazanoff
as Judge Scarletti
Welker White
as Ms. Caldwell
Anne O'Sullivan
as Mrs. Osbourne
Matte Osian
as Ray Stoller
Brian Geraghty
as Phillip Ludwick
Greg Cook
as Jimmy Parnell
Brian Howe
as Det. Harry Sorkin
Jordan Reid Berkow
as Lori Summers
Tom Kemp
as Sgt. Frank Shepard
Tom Bloom
as Det. Boris Tasche
Mick Weber
as Det. Terry Price
Sarah Burke
as Arraignment Judge Hutchins
David Toney
as Fred Zarkin
Rony Clanton
as Robbie Ward
Paul DeBoy
as Lionel Morrison
Jamie Torcellini
as Sam O'Dell
William Parry
as Mr. Stymons
Neva Small
as Mrs. Stymons
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